• The Rise of Godly AI

    Secularists yearn for the divine so much. Atheism wasn’t a genuine rejection of theism. It was a rejection of Western Christianity, and it’s institutions. When you observe them, it is clear that they are unconsciously religious. “Trust the Science” is the exact same as saying “Trust in God”, there’s no significant difference. The experts are […]

  • The Twitter Aryans Invade Pakistan

    This is inspired by the content produced by various factions of the Twitter Right Wing. This is alternate history based on their ramblings. Any offense taken is not my problem. Pakistan was down to $4 billion in reserves with $73 billion to repay. The people have begun revolting against the establishment. The Islamic Emirate of […]

  • WOKEHAMMER 40k: The Genestealer Infiltration

    The WOKE Genestealers have been trying to conquer Warhammer for sometime. Their latest move is female space marines. What’s going to be the response to FSM models not selling? GW tried this before. The consumer base doesn’t want it. Plus there isn’t a valid argument against Adeptus Astartes being a brotherhood. Entertainment typically marketed towards […]

  • Soft Pink Patriarchy: The child of feminism

    Soft Pink Patriarchy: The child of feminism

    The culture of the West was a hard & proper patriarchy for awhile. But it gradually became a semi-egalitarian society. However I don’t believe this will last much longer. In the 2030s, almost 50% of women are expected to be single. https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/45-percent-women-are-expected-to-be-single-and-childless-by-2030 Women are struggling to find men that make as much money as they […]

  • AWC 01/28/96

    AWC 01/28/96

    AWC is inspired by MXC & Adult Swim. “Welcome back to the City General Gymnasium, Folks! For another episode of All Japan TV! Rex King & Yoshinari Ogawa are competing for the Junior Heavyweight championship. Rex King somehow managed to take a shit in Ogawa’s duffel bag earlier. Adding a very smelly element to this […]

  • How the Roman Empire was saved in the 1000s

    This is how I’d save & begin the restoration of the Roman Empire. By converting the empire to Catholicism, I am ensuring the possibility of military aid. The threat from Turkic & Islamic forces is reduced. Orthodox Christianity alienated them from Western Europe. A renewed focus on the economy is necessary. In order to prevent […]

  • The Cuban Colonial Empire

    In this timeline, Che Guevara faked his death. He moved to Haiti with a handful of loyal supporters. He’d quickly become popular with the farmers, merchants, and laborers. Che had a change of heart politically. He now believed in a socialistic form of monarchism. Through his newsletter, He’d spread his ideas to the Haitian public. […]

  • For An Aesthetic American: The immigration & natalist policy of the 21st century Right

    The United States could be an empire with a population greater than 1 billion. Without adopting any of the Malthusian minimalist trash that certain groups promote. It simply requires a change in perspective. I’ve advocated various policies that’ll help create this environment in previous articles. That I’ll link here. So, that you don’t have to […]

  • Alternative Wrestling Commentary 01/21/96

    Alternative Wrestling Commentary 01/21/96

    “Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the City General Gymnasium in Takamatsu! The wrestlers of All Japan Pro Wrestling have come to resolve serious issues. Kawada has claimed that Honda’s Mother has the juiciest & most grippy kitty in Yokohama. Honda intends to defend his Mother’s honor. Though legend has it that she once spent a […]

  • Dear Blue State GOP

    Hopefully, I’ve caught you at a good time. You’ve been basically irrelevant for quite some time. The state that you live in is a De facto one party state. Whatever the democrats want becomes law. Here’s what you can do in order to fix the problem. Achieve some relevance for the first time in a […]