The Anglo-American Attack on gendered language

Many Afro-Asiatic, and Indo-European languages are gendered. Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi are very prominent examples. Terms like “Latinx” have been introduced into the lexicon. Getting a mixed but mostly negative response from the Spanish speaking world.

We’ve seen the efforts to further neutralize, and overcomplicate English. A language that isn’t even gendered to begin with. All of this is an effort to create an androgynous culture, and eliminate differences.

Something that’d greatly benefit capitalism, and the ruling class. Interchangeable units that are easily replaced when efficiency drops. They will eventually start an academic initiative to remove gender from all languages. Language defines the identity of a culture.

The English worked very hard to eliminate the Irish, and Welsh language. Because eliminating it destroys the past, and turns them into Nu-Englishman. The Anglo-American approach to imperialism is a very aggressive form of assimilationism.

The Romans, Greeks, and Persians were objectively more tolerant of other people’s to culture. They took a genuine interest while Anglo-American liberal imperialists have a false interest in it.

The Anglo-American elite buys books that he will never read. But displays them in order to show sophistication. Anglo-America has more in common with Genghis Khan than it does Augustus Caesar. The capitalist universalism of the West is a religion.

A fairly destructive one at that.

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