Generation X & accountability phobia

My tweets that inspired the article: 1, 2, and 3

Generation X is very proud of the fact that they’re not involved in the war of generations. But they’ve been controlled opposition, and a beneficiary of what the Boomers built. They’re complicit in the sad state of the nation.

But deny it with religious vigor if you bring it up. Why is that? I sincerely want to know. Feeling scared? Guilty? Please let me know.

Generation Y, and Z will never retire. Millennials will have to save forty percent of their income in order for it to be possible. American life expectancy is 78. That first article said retirement for millennials might be 75. Which means it’s probably 85 for Generation Z.

Generation X is an accessory to the crime of leaving the nation worse off. Denying this takes an outstanding amount of mental gymnastics.

50 dollars in 1960 had the same purchasing power as 464 dollars in 2021. Millennials can barely afford to live. It’s not because of eating out or “useless degrees” at all. The older generations have managed the nation poorly.

The great capitalist American dream is dead. Silent, Boomer, and X were the final three to enjoy it. But they refuse to take the rose tinted glasses off.

The United States should start looking in the past as well as in science fiction for inspiration. It’s the only way out of this mess. Develop a new vision of what America should be.

My suggestion is to mix these together in order to create a New America. McKinley era USA, FDR era USA, Holy Roman Empire, Tau Empire, Ramesses 2 era Egypt, Hoxhaist Albania, and Tokugawa Shogunate.

I’d also recommend the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, and New California Republic.

The progressive capitalism of the West is in an unstable state. Multipolarity is coming, and the United States must remain relevant. The real Left must become something new, and innovative but also retro in many ways.

Liberalism belongs to the centre of the political chart. It isn’t Left wing ideology at all. Stop appealing to it.

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