Red Cult Rambling 1: DarkML, and more

Algorand is actually an excellent crypto, and ecosystem. It lacks the thing that made Solana rise so quickly. Excellent marketing is essential.

There’s a variety of ways to market it. Hulu ads, paid influencers, memes, and getting entertainment businesses to accept it. Like Impact Wrestling, PFL MMA, BKFC, Paizo, Games Workshop, and Image Comics.

More attention could easily make it’s value surpass Polkadot, and Chainlink. Once it gets to that point, it’ll get an incredible amount of investment from established firms.

End of first thought.

Creating a sect within Dark Marxism-Leninism:

Patriotic leftism aka Dark ML is a brand new phenomenon. Led by Infrared HAZ, Caleb Maupin, Jackson Hinkle, and Sameera Khan. In the effort of creating a greater, and more unique movement.

Let’s develop something.

I’ll start with a post from my old blog.

“Communism with American Characteristics: The Communism of the CPUSA must be distinctly American to it’s core. Look to Hamiltonian EconomicsDaniel DeLeonHuey LongCaleb Maupin and Earl Browder. That’s what you want to look to for a future vision.” – You want Americans to vote Communist, CPUSA?

This might be a somewhat controversial take. But I legitimately believe that monarchism is the natural state of humanity. That’s why electoral dynasties, and dictators are so common. So, this needs to be taken into consideration. Humans crave a strong leader who’ll inspire them.

Elective monarchism or a constitutional diarchy might actually be an improvement on the American system.

The American Left is a corporate asset just as much as the American Right is. Guys like Haz, and Caleb Maupin are attacked for being conservative marxists. Marxism-Leninism ends up being conservative in practice.

That’s something Tumblrites, and Redditors are unwilling to accept. But they’re revisionist reformists whose opinions don’t actually matter. Communists in Russia, China, North Korea, and Vietnam are generally more conservative.

If communism gained momentum that’d be because of the rural working class embraced it. The rural working class that backed Trump, and people like him. The sardine can cities of NYC, LA, and San Francisco will not turn the USA into a communist country.

Marxist-Leninists should be interacting with MAGA republicans, and people like Logo or Anna from Red Scare. Inviting communists from places like India, and Vietnam to discuss theory would be good too.

End of second thought.

Are Ahmadiyya Muslims the Islamic equivalent of Mormons? People from older sects consider them to be cults, and nothing more. This has been something I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

End of third thought.

The Pakistani government is in an unstable state. But I didn’t hear about it until a friend sent me a WION video of it. The West is fixated on Ukraine, and Cold War nostalgia. But Pakistan could shift to the West or the East depending on what happens.

This is actually more important given the demise of American unipolarity, and the rise of multipolarity. Cold war & WW2 era nostalgia will bring the United States to it’s knees.

The United States needs to focus on making itself truly wealthy again. It’s not the land of opportunity that many people seem to think it is.

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