Pathfinder short session story prompt #3

Before we get to #3 here is the first two.

“These will improve as I get a better grasp of the lore. I’ve only recently gotten into it. Mostly into Warhammer stuff myself.

Setting: Sarusan

Plot: Protect an Anadi Sage that wishes to travel within the catacombs in a city long forgotten by time itself. It’s rumored that a Zyss Serpent-Folk has been conducting strange arcane experiments here.

The Anadi Sage wants confirmation of this as well as any documents written by the Zyss.

You get in, and get out without being caught by the Zyss, and his guards. The beasts under mind control are free game.” – #1 from the old blog

“Setting: Nidal

You are an Aasimar trying to leave Nidal for a better life in Almas. However the Watcher’s Eye is always present in the sky. If caught by the Watcher’s Eye. Umbral Shepherds try to capture, and sacrifice you.

You must go undetected.” – #2 from the old blog

Alright, here’s number 3.

Setting: Mountains

You can only use seduction or stun on enemies. No killing at all.

A red dragon has added some elven women to it’s collection. A human nobleman has paid you to free them. What he wants them for is unknown.

But you need the coins to feed your village.

You can interrogate or assassinate the noble after receiving payment. But you must roll 20 for assassination. Anything lower results in permanent death of your character.

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