Christian feminism & the actual solution

“God is a woman” says Ariana Grande

Christian feminism opposes the patriarchal, and standard version of Christianity. But an effort to reform Christianity is an objective waste of time. In order to truly liberate women, and establish equal standing.

You have to either reject Christianity in it’s current form to a radical degree or embrace polytheism. Walking away from Christianity would actually be easier than developing a sect that does what you desire.

But let’s say your heart is set up on reforming Christianity. You’ll have to elevate Asherah in order to do it. She is the Queen of heaven, and the husband of Yahweh. Develop a dualistic Christian theology that presents Yahweh & Asherah as equals.

The Abrahamic trio has it’s roots in Yahwism. All of this would require a traditionalist ideal, and a crazy amount of funding. But if you feel it’s worth it. Give it a go!

However there are so many goddesses from all over the world. Polytheism already treats women with the respect that you desire. No need to construct anything in terms of a theology. It just needs help growing.

Nyx is the primordial Goddess of the night, and one of the few that Zeus is afraid of. There’s Hekate, Persephone, Kali, Durga, Freya, Brigid, and more. You’ve got options.

Asherah is the missing piece of the puzzle for Christianity. But please explore other things.

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