Blind Booking WWE

I haven’t consistently watched WWE since 2014, and I haven’t irregularly watched since 2017. Japan, Mexico, ROH, NWA, and MLW are my preference.

Vince has given me creative control of his wrestling empire. Restructuring the promotion is my first focus. RAW is a 2 hour TV-14 program again. Smackdown, and NXT are one hour PG programs. The WWE develops a working relationship with CMLL & AJPW.

The roster becomes 30% smaller than it was before I took control. Part time talent like Rock, Brock, and John cannot hold the main championship. That’s exclusively for young & upcoming stars.

All WWE championship belts will be defended for my first blind booking. All main roster championship belts anyway. Adding NXT would make this go a lot longer than needed. I’ll be looking at the WWE roster a lot.

Match #1: Fatal 4 way for the undisputed women’s championship belt.

Charlotte vs Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley vs Nikkita Lyons

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Match #2 : United States championship

Finn Balor versus Tommaso Ciampa

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa by TKO finish

Match #3: Intercontinental championship

Bron versus Veer

Winner: Veer via dirty pin & low blow while the referee was distracted

Match #5: The WWE Undisputed Chief Championship

A championship that honors Roman’s tribal chief claim, and paying respect to the 2002 undisputed championship design.

Roman Reigns vs the Rock vs Ivar vs Blue Panther Jr. from CMLL.

Winner: Roman Reigns

The championship is put around Roman’s waist by the Rock. While he congratulated him the arena goes dark. Stephanie McMahon, and I walk out. I inform him that he’ll be defending the championship in Arena Mexico, and Korakuen Hall very soon. So, he should start packing immediately.

Stephanie McMahon informs him that all matches going forward will be title defenses. The face of the company will be expected to defend the championship regularly. Refusing 3 title defenses will result in being stripped of the championship, and a financial penalty.


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