Red Cult Rambling 2: Puerto Rico, and #DarkML geopolitics

Puerto rico gets denied again.

Puerto Rico is in an interesting situation.

  1. Remain a territory & get some benefits
  2. Become a state & get all the benefits
  3. Become “independent” but receive foreign aid
  4. Become independent join Putin or Xi’s sphere. Leading to sanctions & possible CIA shenanigans

Puerto Rico will not get equal treatment as a territory. The people of Puerto Rico have to make a decision. These are the four choices that Puerto Rico has.

2 & 3 are the ideal choices here. Choice 4 is exceptionally risky. Choice 1 hasn’t been going well so far.

DarkML / PatLeft geopolitical view:

At least this is my proposal for it anyway.

R.U.B.I World Order

The major players will be Russia, United States, Brazil, and India.

Minor players: Japan, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Spain, Algeria, the Koreas, Italy, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Greece, and Eswatini

Neutral observers: Switzerland, Republic of China, Bhutan, Qatar, Bahrain, Monaco, and France

Blacklisted from joining: Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and People’s Republic of China

The RUBI world order will focus on greater economic integration, and brotherhood. Neo-liberal cultural imperialism also known as universalism will be erased. Differences will be respected. Humans will not be reduced to interchangeable cogs in the machine. Traditional culture, and beliefs will be respected.

The PRC, and their ghost cities aren’t something to point to for success. Nicaragua, Belarus, and Post Soviet Central Asia are much better examples. The revolutionary democracy that can be found in Ethiopia is another option.

Rubies have always played a significant role

Red is a beautiful, and powerful color. An ideal gemstone for a better world order.

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