With Professors like these…

This was my exchange with someone who claims to be a professor in Florida. Notice how little he cares for America, and her people? This is how internationalist neo-liberal academics think. Compassionate imperialism abroad, and parental neglect at home.

When I rightfully point out what the US did to the Middle East. He responds with mockery. When I mentioned areas in the USA that need help. He expressed altruism for Ukrainians, and no sympathy for Americans.

This is the type of person teaching America’s youth.

When I point out that Ukraine has a far right issue. The so-called professor doesn’t respond to me. I feel sorry for his students. If this person is actually a teacher.

Neoliberalism is an ideology of self-hatred, and humiliation. It only seeks to destroy what is, and replace it with something ugly.

It’s radical universalism seeks to erase all differences in order to create perfectly replaceable organic units. This is capitalism as a social philosophy. It will destroy everything that makes the human race beautiful, and diverse.

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