Addressing the Jacobin Left

I absolutely agree that the Left must transform institutions. But not in a socially democratic or democratic socialist kind of way. Reformists only seek to create a cuddly capitalism. We can do more than that.
In this article I explained how I’d fix the CPUSA, and plenty of other things. The Left in America likes to play it safe. That’s why light beer versions of socialism are popular.

A New American Left for the 21st century must be born. Plenty of the ideals of the heavily liberal influenced Left are alienating the working class. Rural, and labor workers have been abandoned by the Left.

The values of the current Left mostly cater to service workers, and the upper middle class. Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Donald Trump have influence with the abandoned working class. If they weren’t discarded like a McDonald’s cup.

The Workers Union Of America might actually be a thing. But it’s not because of social alienation. That’s not their fault at all. It’s the fault of academics, and activists.

You can adapt, and achieve or keep pretending to be socialists.

Your choice.

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