How to fix the communist party USA Pt. 2

If part 1 was long enough as it is. Here’s a part 2 on how to actually fix it.

Geopolitics: America must reduce it’s ties with the Levantine & Gulf Arab states that she has traditionally aligned with. There’s way too many strings attached. Also a certain fixation on a specific nation isn’t popular with the younger generations.

I would recommend forming a greater relationship with the Spanish speaking world. Spain, Mexico, Latin America, and so on. This would be an infinitely more useful move. Especially because getting oil from Venezuela is cheaper & easier than Saudi Arabia.

Another region to strengthen ties with is Central Asia. It’s a resource, and culturally rich part of the world. Probably the best periods for Islam were Turkic or Persian influenced. The two nations on the peninsula that I’d maintain strong ties with are Oman, and UAE.

Anti-Slavic sentiments are currently justified through the rivalry between US & Russia. A civil & neutral relationship with them is highly encouraged.

Finances & influence:

Everybody wants influence over society. Even if they say they don’t. Anti-establishment billionaires, and new money cryptocurrency millionaires are going to be essential. They need to be convinced to join.

Litecoin & Algorand are very good currencies. The movement should be heavily invested in these. As well as accepting crypto payments or donations .

You won’t win in America without wealth. Power is pay to play, and that’s why the poor always lose.

Part 1

Long march through the GOP:

Like it or not the genuine anti-establishment populism has a conservative flavor to it. Communists need to start a open & friendly dialogue with MAGA republicans. The establishment neo-cons aren’t their friends either. Building a relationship is necessary for influence over the country.

Vote Communist for school board, city council, and Mayor. But vote MAGA for Senators, Governor, and judges. The presidential vote will be for a communist-MAGA hybrid.

Anyone that denounces or dismisses this specifically isn’t serious about winning. Which means you can disregard their opinion. The “squad” is controlled opposition, and Bernie Sanders is a political cuckhold. His only purpose is to play defense for the establishment. Bernie keeps conserves neoliberalism.

Breadtube, Vaush, and Jason Unruhe won’t appeal to the masses. But they will appeal to Starbucks baristas, and college kids. Most blue collar people aren’t interested in what they have to say.

Trying to make the Democrats become socialist will never work. The Democrats represent the 21st century bourgeois. People foolishly think otherwise. The Republicans also represent the bourgeois. But they represent the weaker faction within the bourgeois.

All the important established institutions are Democrat.

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