The thing about violence, and Americans

It’s something that nobody wants to accept or acknowledge about Americans. It’s much easier to place the blame on a tool or something else. No recognition of the root causes of the issue.

Of course, I think this is by design. But I won’t put on my tinfoil hat this time around.

It’s the bad quality of life that Men currently have. Before you roll your eyes or close the tab. Give me a chance to explain why.

Leftover men are infinitely more dangerous than leftover women. A man that becomes an outcast will eventually go completely insane. He will either harm himself or others.

Young men that feel unwanted by society will join street gangs, neo-nazi groups, militant religious groups like Al-Shabaab. Western society tells men that masculinity is toxic while still fetishizing traditional masculinity. Keeping them in a perpetual state of confusion.

Young men are taught that up is down, and down is up.

Men successfully commit suicide at a higher rate than women. Men are also sent to jail at a higher rate than women. Male felons typically aren’t trusted when they get out. A lack of trust leads to them going back to a life of crime.

Men commit suicide for a variety of reasons. Childhood trauma, military trauma, and so on. The men in our society don’t have anywhere to go to deal with it. You say therapy but men don’t go because therapists don’t look or act like they’ve been through it.

So, there’s no trust there. A bottle of Jack, and a set of 50 pound dumbbells is just easier. Plenty of men have said that they won’t express it to a loved one. Because it’s been used against them before. Just scroll through TikTok. So many relationship clips like that.

Cost of living is another HUGE factor, and men are expected to be the provider in the household.

50 dollars in 1960 had the same purchasing power as 464 dollars in 2021. Millennials can barely afford to live. It’s not because of eating out or “useless degrees” at all. The older generations have managed the nation poorly.

If a man can barely afford to survive that means he cannot date. If he cannot date that means he cannot mate. Which leads to anger, and resentment. That quickly turns into extremism.

Men by nature are assertive, and aggressive beings. This can be manifested positively or negatively. Based on his surroundings, and to a lesser extent his choices.

Men need purpose in order to be positive contributors to society. Women do as well but men are typically the ones resorting to violence. When absolutely nothing is left for them in their mind.

In the old days, the leftover men would be sent to the battlefield to conquer foreign lands. Battle it out over treasures, and explore. Modern warfare has neutered society, and taken a correcting mechanism away.

Of course, I’m not saying reopen that box of chaos. But it did create a brand new issue that was never addressed. How do you give certain men purpose?

Let’s get back to the cost of living, providing, and dating. I went off track for a moment.

Women are going to college, and graduating more than men are. Women that make more money do not typically date down economically. They’ll still find somebody even though their options decrease.

But those men that society leaves behind. Are easily converted into criminals, and extremists.

The United States is the best example of Western society. Because it is the current capital of the West. The West is a very atomized individualistic, pleasure seeking, and money driven society.

Capitalism is amoral, and prioritizes profits over people. It has decimated religion, and organic culture. In favor of designer labels, and feet pics.

There’s no higher meaning to society beyond ass, and gas in 2022. It is a hyper-cultural primitivism with modern technology. Almost animalistic, and lacking sentience. That’s our society.

Christianity has lost the Mandate of Heaven, and in it’s place is secular hedonism. Secular hedonism leads to pure & malevolent chaos. Since the fall of religion the society we live in has become less united.

John Lennon is a dumbass.

Humans need religion, community, and authentic culture that didn’t come from a CEO.

The piss poor state of America is because of a lack of community, and the questionable quality of life for men.

Do you want peaceful streets, and safe schools?

Improve the quality of life for men, and actually have a culture to be proud of.

As for the religion bit, I’ll list some religions. Do your research on them, and see what works best for America.

The List:

  • Atenism
  • Hellenism
  • Asatru
  • Rokkatru
  • Thelema
  • Wicca
  • Druidry
  • Ibadi Islam
  • Ahmadiyya
  • Yahwism
  • Kemetic Orthodoxy
  • Kemetism
  • Zurvanism
  • Manichaeism
  • Neo-Vedanta
  • Gnosticism

The tools of war are not the problem or the root cause of the problem. It’s a symptom of the problem. You don’t cure a disease by treating symptoms alone.

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