New Nidal: the floating chunk of Golarion orbiting Eox

The mining vessel has reappeared along with this portion of Golarion. The presence of Zon-Kuthon is undeniable. He is here as promised.

The man that stepped off the ship accompanied by undead servants is known as the “Son of Zon-Kuthon”. The Midnight Lord chose this location in order to harvest the dark energies from below.

His ultimate goal is to create a new Golarion in his image. Eventually New Nidal will crash into the surface of Eox, and terraform it. Once Eox is fully transformed into his ideal world.

The Midnight Lord intends to spread his twisted influence throughout the Pact Worlds.

New Nidal resembles Uskwood in many ways. Massive trees that block any light from getting inside. The fey known as the redcaps are all over the place. Attacking anyone that strays from the path.

It is said that they have been tasked with capturing, and sacrificing anyone sent to investigate New Nidal.

These redcaps aren’t small creatures like the ones in Old Nidal. They’re as tall as a medium sized guard dog. Faster, and smarter than their predecessors too.

The Free Captains, and Abadarcorp are both offering significant amounts of credits for information. Those seeking to accept the contract are warned that the chance of death is high.

The last crew that tried was eaten alive. Only the android Skal returned, and he refuses to talk about it. But he’s your best bet for getting an idea of what the place is like.

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