The Reactionary & Tankie case for President Ocasio-Cortez

Donald Trump, and his soft populism completely devastated the neoliberal system for 4 years. A Democratic Socialist in the White House would do just as much. If the energy was guided properly.

The Democratic Party most likely wants Kamala Harris or Meghan Markle to be the face of the Neoliberal World Order. But both the Democratic Party, and neoliberalism are fragile right now. Biden represents the neoliberal status quo.

Gas is at an all time high, and inflation is at an all time high. America is occupying Somalia once again. The Democrats will only retain power, if the GOP picks a Romney type going forward. The weakness of the centre-left is the perfect thing to capitalize on.

Stalinists, Maoists, Marxist-Leninists, Larouche Left, Monarchists, and economically left but traditional values people. This is a golden opportunity. The time to strike is now. Long march through the institutions like Gramsci suggested.

I did a 3 part series on how to fix the CPUSA. Definitely recommend reading through all of it. There’s some great ideas there.

The most important thing to do is play along until you know your numbers are great enough.

  • Join the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign. Heavily promote her as the next star for the Left, and the first female president.
  • Join the DSA, CPUSA, Justice Democrats, and your local Democratic Party. Heavily promote AOC, and democratic socialism.
  • Call in to progressive & conservative talk radio. The point here isn’t to convince the host or their audience. It’s meant to hype up the idea of a political & cultural revolution centered around AOC
  • After reaching a critical point. Begin softly introducing your true values. Once you’ve gained influence, and a positive reputation. People will listen but do not explicitly give anything away.

Once Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is President, and enough control is acquired over institutions. Become a pressure group in the political & cultural sphere. So, that the people in “charge” are forced to embrace a milder version of your ideas.

Keep chipping away at neoliberalism little by little.

The neoliberalism’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness. It’ll adapt in order to survive. But just like a rubber band, it will break once stretched too far.

Emphasize a greater relationship with Venezuela, Argentina, and the Spanish speaking world. Discourage unnecessary foreign entanglements in the Old World. Europe, Asia, Africa, and so on.

With the exception being India, and Japan. Very promising futures, if they don’t screw up the momentum. Good luck to them!

India & Japan are good friends for the United States of America to have. Excellent cultures, and promising trade opportunities.

Consider it Monroe Doctrine 2.0

Greater focus on the Americas, and the Pacific. With the focus on everything else being reduced a bit.

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