North American Union

Before I talk about the North American Union. Here’s a breakdown of this hypothetical society. Just felt like doing a little CK2/EU4 style nation building.

Government: Royalist-Socialist Diarchy

Leaders: King & The Peoples Representative

Territory: The nations formerly known as United States, Mexico, and Canada

Economic system influenced by Alexander Hamilton, Lyndon Larouche, Enver Hoxha, and Josip Tito

Closest allies: Japan, Spain, Brazil, India, France, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina, and Albania

Inspiration for the new civilization: Holy Roman Empire, Tau Empire (WH40k), Imperium of Man (WH40k), Modern day Switzerland, 1776-1789 America, and People’s Republic of Albania

After the economic chaos of the Biden & Trump eras. There was a lot of unrest, and a failed attempt at a return to normal. The Black Panther Party attempted to takeover Georgia. But the street gangs within the state weren’t interested in playing ball.

The US army eventually went in, and decimated both sides. Reclaiming Georgia for the Union. Ron Desantis was the next to try going independent. But the CIA did what the CIA does, and that was quickly taken care of.

Mexico is now in the midst of a war with a unified mega cartel under Sinaloa’s banner. The goal of the mega-cartel is to takeover, and rule Mexico.

Revolutionaries in Quebec are causing significant amounts of damage. After the side effects of Trudeau’s gold sell-off are finally being felt. The Canadian government can barely afford to fight.

The elites of the 3 nations met secretly in an unnamed casino in Las Vegas. That’s been closed for sometime now. They realize now that the neoliberal project had failed. The 3 nations are at risk of falling apart.

But they believe by forming a brand new country. They’ll be able to pool their resources, and restore order.

House Bourbon, House Grimaldi, House Musk, House Bezos, House Carter, and House Ford are the six royal houses of NAU.

The representative of the people is chosen every two years by the members of the peoples party. The terms are short because the will of the people is always changing.

The term limits for peoples representative is two, and there must be a four year break in between terms.

There’s a beautifully designed wall on the border between NAU, and Guatemala. The wall’s design is influenced by Art Deco, Mesoamerica, and the Great Wall. Entrance without proper documentation is a very serious offense now.

In order to limit the spread of pandemic level viruses, human trafficking, hard drugs, and military grade firearms. Visitors must provide a valid reason for their arrival, and inform the officers of how long they intend to stay.

Refugee status has been limited to women, and children under the age of 16. This is also meant to reduce the spread of pandemic level diseases, and discourage potential human traffickers.

The NAU will only give out foreign aid on one condition. The recipient must agree to a minimum of 25 years as a NAU tributary state. You must give NAU a 15% cut in all revenue for that time period.

After the 25 years the foreign aid stops, and the expectation of payment also stops.

This is mostly meant to discourage this sort of welfare dependency within smaller nations. But some may voluntarily embrace the offer as well.

The X-33 is now back in development. Nikola Tesla’s ideas are now being studied, and embraced. A high speed electric rail system is being developed. The goal is to cut the transportation time between New York City, Toronto, and Mexico City down by at least 30%.

The NAU maintains neutral but cautious relations with Russia, and Iran.

Due to comments made by members of the peoples party. The NAU has been forced to sever ties with the China. Surprisingly, this did not significantly impact the economy. It also didn’t harm public approval of the current representative of the people.

The NAU had a brief war with Saudi Arabia over oil purchases. The NAU no longer purchases Saudi Oil. The Kingdom obviously wasn’t pleased by this at all. Unfortunately, the crown prince wrote a check that couldn’t be cashed.

The NAU forced a surrender within 90 days. It could’ve been 60 days but the boys wanted to party a little too much.

The economy of the NAU is booming after embracing the ideas of the men I mentioned above.

The currency is digital, and backed by gold. Only 1 trillion NAU e-USD was minted on the blockchain. Already circulating physical currency from the now defunct 3 nations is still accepted. However most institutions, and businesses prefer the NAU e-USD.

A ministry of occult, and theological research has been founded. With a heavy focus on Wicca, Thelema, Hellenism, Sufi Islam, Gnosticism, and Catholicism. The goal is to merge the old ways with the modern world.

House Musk & House Bezos have begun researching space colonization. As well as Dyson sphere technology. The NAU intends to become a galactic civilization. The NAU had very little interest in the feelings of states outside the NAU.

When it comes to the subject of galactic civilization. United Kingdom has begun gathering supporters for a anti-NAU bloc. Germany, China, and Saudi Arabia have joined so far.

Australia declined to join the bloc. Explaining that they’re more interested in crocodiles, and wombats. They wished the UK luck though.

The NAU would eventually achieve it’s goal of galactic civilization status. But by doing so it caught the attention of intergalactic civilizations that have been around for centuries. Will the NAU survive?

It all depends on first contact.

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