Mayra Flores represents an opportunity for the GOP

Trumpism had potential before it was co-opted by neo-liberal forces within the party. But it can have a bit of a transformation. Embrace the Spanish speaking world instead of rejecting it.

Open Borders are still bad for the working class, and good for Wall Street. That part definitely needs to be emphasized. But there are some things that’ll help.

The GOP has been heavily Protestant for too long. The party needs to be more sympathetic to Roman Catholicism, and Folk Catholicism. If it wants to gain support with the fastest growing demographic in the country.

The 3 part series on how to fix the Communist Party of USA could also help fix the Republican Party. The Expiring Old Party desperately needs fresh ideas, and faces.

There’s plenty of people to take inspiration from. 51st Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas, António de Oliveira Salazar, Alexander Hamilton, Getúlio Vargas, Juan Peron, and The Roosevelt Brothers.

Completely abandon Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, and Ayn Rand. Their ideals are outdated, and worthless. You need timeless ideas that’ll always translate well.

The reformation of Trumpism, and the Republican Party requires good influences.

We must have a strong relationship with Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, and all former Spanish territories. I include Morocco because they’ve been there for us since day one.

Something that might help is inviting CMLL or Crash Lucha to perform at GOP rallies. Political events should have some sort of live entertainment anyway. Music, wrestling, boxing, and so on. Give younger people a stronger incentive to show up.

Appealing to the sentiments of an increasingly irrelevant voting demographic is stupid. Baby Boomers won’t be around forever. It’s time to update the party ideology.

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