The Last Bretonnian

My name is Charles the Fay-Blooded. I’m also known as the “Last Bretonnian” by some folks. After the demise of Bretonnia, I led 6 women in a hidden underground city in Lyonesse. That some friends, and I had been working on since we were kids.

I offer did most of the work because of my impressive height, and overall size. Bumping into practically every ceiling I encountered. Life was inconvenient at times back then.

My red hair, emerald eyes, and golden skin did set me apart from the rest. Caught the eyes of many noblewomen in the better times.

I never believed that I was truly Fay-Blooded until my twenty fifth birthday. My friends, and loved ones continued to age. But I did not age at all.

Before my six human wives died around the age of sixty or seventy. I managed to have sixty children overall. A small tribe of Bretonnians living under the once great civilization that I knew.

In order to ensure the continued survival of my people. I established relationships with dwarves, and wood elves. By marrying 3 dwarven women, and 3 wood elven women. I was able to establish long-lasting trade agreements, and defense treaty.

Of course because of their longer lifespans that all means more children. The ultimate goal is a population of two thousand within New Bretonnia. My children are already forming families of their own. A new culture is also being born in front of my eyes.

Eventually Bretonnians will have characteristics of humans, dwarves, and elves. The new Bretonnians will eventually retake our lost land on the surface. If the Lady wills it be so.

We could even take Sigmar’s domain for our own people.

The Old Bretonnians on the surface live in terrible conditions. When they reach adulthood the Beastmen give them an option. A life of labor based servitude or pleasure based servitude. Many men, and women choose pleasure because it’s the lesser of two evils.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough manpower to deal with it. The Empire doesn’t see it as an issue for them to be concerned with. Even though my blood ties to the dwarves, and wood elves has created a strong bond. I’ve yet to be able to convince them to help.

The best I can do is the occasional raid on pleasure houses, and labor camps. Even that is starting to become costly. The beast men are starting to beef up security.

New Bretonnia will rise

The surface will be painted a fresh shade of crimson by the lions waiting patiently out of sight.

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