Warped Wrestling Federation: Wyatt’s world

Hulk Hogan’s just debuted at WCW in 1993. Bray Wyatt went back in time, and used his abilities to get a contract with WWF. A very lucrative main event level contract. A contract that’d also permit him to have creative influence over the promotion itself.

Wyatt promised to rid the WWE of all of it’s titans. So he went back in time to do just that. His plan would ensure that WCW survives, and the WWE is completely different in the modern era.

Jeff Jarrett would still leave to form Impact Wrestling. Tony Khan will still form All Elite Wrestling with Cody Rhodes, and the rest of the Elite. This doesn’t change at all.

Bray Wyatt debuted on the final episode of Prime Time Wrestling with a promo. Promising to change the landscape of the wrestling world.

“Watch your beloved titans fall before you! Follow the Buzzards!” -Bray Wyatt

It’s the premiere of WWE RAW on January 11th 1993.

But the card has changed significantly. Bray Wyatt has given Vince his new creative direction. The mind-controlled Vince McMahon said that the fat would be trimmed tonight.

Opening match is a singles match with a loser leaves WWF stipulation.

Razor Ramon versus Shawn Michaels

Winner: Razor Ramon

Shawn Michaels tells the interviewer that he’s going to call Jim Cornette. To see if he’s welcome in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The crowd chanted “Goodbye Shawn!” as he left.

Second match is a fatal four way match with a similar stipulation. Except it’s winner stays in the WWF.

Bret Hart versus Yokozuna versus Lex Luger versus Undertaker

The winner is the Undertaker.

Lex Luger & Yokozuna expressed interest in going to WCW. Bret Hart mentioned something about Paul Heyman under his breath. Could he possibly be considering something with him?

The main event is for the WWF championship

Bray Wyatt versus Ric Flair

Bray Wyatt wins using Flair’s leg lock against him. Refusing to let go Bray tore a muscle in Ric’s knee. Once he got up, and was crowned champion.

Bray announced that his reign of terror has just begun. 1993 will be the year of the Buzzards. Bray Wyatt disappeared moments after that.

The media was buzzing about this incredible first episode of Raw. SMW gladly embraced Shawn Michaels. WCW did the same with Lex Luger, and Yokozuna. Bret Hart was seen in Philadelphia talking to Paul Heyman.

The WWF office held a secret meeting about Bray Wyatt, and his influence over Vince McMahon. Considering the possibility of a coup to put Jerry Jarrett or Verne Gagne in charge of the promotion. Because Vince McMahon isn’t mentally fit.

The anticipation for the next episode of RAW is keeping some of them from committing. Blinded by greed, and not considering what could happen.

What does Wyatt want with the WWF?


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