Reimagining the WWE

The WWE gets restructured into a governing body. Similar to 1950s-2010s National Wrestling Alliance, and current United Wrestling Network. I’m going to list the territories first.

WWE-ECW is the Pennsylvania territory

WWE-RAW is the Northeast territory minus Pennsylvania

WWE-AWA is the Minnesota territory

WWE-Smackdown is the Midwest territory minus Minnesota

WWE-WCW is the Southeastern territory minus Florida

WWE-NXT is the Florida & UK territory

WWE-Heat is the Southwest territory

WWE-maple leaf wrestling is the Pacific Northwest & Canada territory

All of these promotions within the WWE system only air live within their regions. Replays of the programs from every territory will be available online. The WWE champion & WWE Women’s champion will defend in every territory.

Because they are the top 2 in the WWE system. All matches are title matches for them. They have to be fighting champions or forfeit the championship.

The WWE will create a UWFi style wrestling division. They’ve got plenty of talent with combat sports backgrounds. That is underutilized because they can’t go at 50% or more in the ring. For the safety of the people they wrestle.

All champions will be given the privilege of working outside the WWE system. The one exception is that they cannot appear on AEW or Ring Of Honor. Everything else is fine.

WWE will develop a cross-promotional relationship with National Wrestling Alliance, and AJPW. Co-promoting events at the Madison Square Garden, and so on. The WWE system won’t be a closed door.

Each territory will have it’s own distinct style mixed in with the current WWE style. New hybrid styles for a modern era.

The WWE will also develop a cross-promotional relationship with the PFL. In order to strengthen the shoot style wrestling division. It’ll also give PFL fighters a place to work off-season. If they wanted to do it.

The WWE destroyed the territories back in the day. The product has become less, and less watchable over the years. It’s time to embrace something different.

It’ll be a lot easier to write storylines, and book matches this way.

The bloated roster will finally get put to good use. With multiple places to wrestle within the WWE system. It’ll be easier to develop and retain talent.


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