If I were in charge of India

India is a nation on the rise, and it’s going to want to increase it’s standing in the world. Here are some things that I believe India should do.

America & Japan are Kings of cultural influence. India must find a way to make it’s entertainment popular globally. Stan Lee & Akira Toriyama should be looked at for inspiration for Indian comic book artists. The formula is right there.

Manga is extremely popular in the West, and comics were at one point as well. Now the legacy of American comics lives on through film. But if you can manage to create a graphic novel series that achieves international success.

That’s going to increase India’s standing in the entertainment industry.

The next thing would be to create an environment that’s appealing to American corporations. So that they’ll move manufacturing to India. Making them less reliant on China.

Promote Sikhism, and Buddhism internationally. Religion is a way of bringing people together. These religions having a higher percentage of the world population is beneficial.

Increasing the US Indian diaspora population, and gaining influence within the Republican Party. That’s another thing to do. You’ve seen how well it’s worked out for one small nation.

Convincing political influencers like Jackson Hinkle, Infrared Haz, Steven Crowder, and Millennial Millie to be Pro-India would also be useful.

Invest in Upstate New York, Appalachia, and the Midwest. The places abandoned by the American neoliberal project. Helping uplift people abandoned by their leaders is a strong move. Creates a strong bond.

Another move that’d definitely be interesting. Help Wicca, and Norse polytheism gain ground in the West. Fostering a good relationship between non-Abrahamic religious community. This is another way to end the West’s relationship with China.

The world will be multipolar again at some point. The 3 countries at the adults table should be United States, India, and Russia.

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