The Mut’ah & American divorces

The American divorce rate is around 50%. Marriages usually fail in the first or second year, and sometimes the fifth or eighth. According to Google.

Shia Islam has a pleasure marriage concept. It’s temporary, and contractual. Americans should adopt, and adapt this idea. The man pays half of the contract fee, and the woman pays the other.

This way they’re mutually invested in it. The standard pleasure marriage contract lasts two years. But you can get out of it at anytime, and retain everything that’s yours.

The extended pleasure marriage contract is five years, and can be renewed.

Infidelity is considered a breach of contract, and the offender will be expected to pay. The victim of infidelity will receive payment. The government will also receive payment.

After 3 renewals the couple will be offered a proper marriage. They can choose to accept or deny. A proper marriage has tax benefits that pleasure marriage does not. But the advantage of pleasure marriage is the ability to separate easily.

Because it isn’t a proper marriage, and those obligations aren’t there. Neither spouse is required to compensate the other after separating. Child support is the one exception.

But child support will require a paternity test first. Because of the relaxed nature of pleasure marriage. There will be some things put in place to protect both sides, and keep things fair.


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