The HSBC, the PRC, and third position ideology WION’s Gravitas on the Communist Party committee within the HSBC.

Anyone familiar with Italian fascist literature or simply has access to Google knows one thing. The merger of corporate and state is a fascist policy. It’s right in Benito’s book.

The HSBC may be an English bank but they’re complying with a PRC policy. Which blurs the lines between public, and private sector. Dengism, and successor ideology Xi Jinping thought are giving birth to something new.

Hammer & Sickle red fascism?

A Chinese form of National Bolshevism? Similar to the German, and Russian forms but unique in it’s own way. Wang Huning is the master of puppets. The Kissinger of China, and an Emperor in the shadows.

Having sculpted the ideologies of three leaders his influence is vast. What is his end goal? Who are his ideological influences?

With the moves that are being made globally. I feel like a global tributary state network is the goal. Something like the Yuan, and Ming dynasties.

A blast from the recent past in order to create an arrangement similar to the ancient past.

With people refusing to pay mortgages, and other internal issues. It would seem that one great misstep in economic management would be world changing.

A significant economic crisis would strengthen right wing sentiments within China. I’m not talking about the pseudo right wing of Ronald Reagan & Margret Thatcher either. I mean traditionalist, and populist right wing ideals.

Sri Lanka currently owes a substantial debt to both the West, and China. The country is increasingly unstable. No matter how you look at it. This reflects poorly on China to some degree.

Given that the PRC is the #2 power in the world, and want to be viewed as an alternative. This isn’t good for their plans. The world could be transitioning to multipolar influence. An Earth that has USA, Russia, India, and China as top dogs.

A big change from USA calling the shots for the world, and a return to the past as well. With multiple major powers instead of one. China needs positive results, and a lot of it.

USA & RUSSIA have guaranteed seats at the table. India & China need to work hard right now to secure a seat. Brazil or Nigeria could surprise you with an economic boom. That gets them at the table.

Very little is certain right now.

Successful communist movements always have a traditional vibe culturally. But China’s starting to look less red, and more brown. Just like the neoliberalism of the West is starting to have totalitarian aspects.

The Age of Enlightenment, and liberal values is in the emergency room. Everything is pointing to a return to the right to rule. A modern age of Kings.

Something I’m not entirely opposed to. My worldview could be described as a mixture of Otto Van Bismarck, Ho Chi Minh, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Taiwan will most likely be the place that triggers the new worldview of China. With countries like the United States, and Lithuania showing sympathy for Taiwan. The influential elite of China are getting angry, and restless.

Eventually “Might makes Right” rhetoric will dominate in China. Because of the continued support from the West for Taiwan. They’re not supporting the One China policy.

Power within the HSBC also means influence over any candidate receiving donations. The HSBC makes political contributions in the UK, and the USA. This is a very big deal.

Zelensky & Azovite Nazis fighting Putin aren’t relevant by comparison. The media was very concerned about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. But there are other nations out there doing the same thing.

Pelosi wants to go to Taiwan. That’s only going to further the divide, and potentially lead to something. But the break was destined to happen.

Many empires have had dreams of globalization. Romans, Greeks, Persians, Ottomans, and so on. But they all approach it with a more coherent ideology.

The Americans believe in the radical universalist fallacy. Americans believe that differences are purely aesthetic. When it’s so much more than that. But they’ve got momentum on their side.

China’s mentality is a little closer to the worldview needed for globalism. But their internal issues could be their undoing. Mortgage boycotts, ghost cities, and so on. Also if corporations suddenly pulled manufacturing out of China.

It’d be all over before it even starts.

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