What would make Yang’s Forward Party viable?

The Forward party needs institutional partnerships, financial backers, and fresh ideas. There’s a lack of ideas, and a lot of very vague whatever going on here. Makes the party seem a little bit suspicious. So here’s what I’d do.

  • Partnerships

The Forward Party should get partnerships with various organizations. Algorand Foundation, Stellar Development Foundation, Center For Political Innovation, Schiller Institute, and Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity. I’d also include Chainlink.

Each of these organizations provide their own unique benefits. That’ll almost certainly push America forward. The party can’t be some mild middle of the road. It needs to be a true alternative to the primary two.

Algorand is a environmentally friendly blockchain. That was founded by Silvio Micali from MIT. He has won the Turing Award, and Gödel Prize. The CEO Staci Warden once worked for JP Morgan, NASDAQ, and the US treasury.

This is the already environmentally friendly alternative to Ethereum. There’s no merger or migration from PoW to PoS. It’s already to go as is.

Stellar Development Foundation is charge of Stellar Lumens, and it’s open source network. Stellar is associated with Moneygram, Circle, and Tala. Uganda chose Stellar to power up the financial system of a new city. It’s expected to be completed by 2036, and Akon is involved with this project.

Center for Political Innovation is a classically Marxist political organization. That intends to rebuild America. People from this group have expressed interest in working with right wing patriots. The Forward Party should welcome ideas from all over the spectrum.

They also have some overlap with the Larouche progressives. Because of the pro-nuclear, and pro-growth perspectives. Which also brings me to Schiller institute, and Larouche organization.

Larouche was a bit eccentric, and ahead of his time. But he had valid points that are worth considering.

Chainlink was founded by Sergey Nazarov. Some people seem to think he may be the creator of Bitcoin. It’s also possible that he at least worked with the creator of Bitcoin. Based on the amount of experience he claims to have.

Chainlink is used to securely transfer data, and has achieved a cult following online.

Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity promotes, and supports universal basic income initiatives. As we get closer to 2030 the more it will be needed. 2030 to 2040 is expected to be the death of the service industry.

  • Financial Backers
  • Elon Musk
  • Peter Thiel
  • Algorand Foundation
  • Stellar Development Foundation
  • Chainlink

Those three cryptocurrency organizations would also make great financial backers. Elon Musk is very interested in new technology, population growth, and crypto. He’d be a natural pick for a party like this.

Peter Thiel is another obvious one. Co-founder of PayPal, and Palantir. The primary focus of this man is innovation. He’d definitely want to be involved. If the party looked promising.

  • Fresh ideas

I’ve discussed the concept of Tower Towns many times on this blog. When discussing how to fix the CPUSA, and many other things. The idea is earthquake, and tornado resistant towers that can support 30,000 people. 

With floors dedicated to commerce, education, and social interaction. These towers would be mostly self-sufficient. 

These towers would obviously be equipped with anti-aircraft artillery, and UAVs to guard the towers. It’s best to be prepared for any potential threat. Even if it’s unlikely to happen. 

I believe that you can maintain population growth without harming the environment. It only takes a change in perspective. We need to recognize that forests are the homes of Earth’s wildlife.

Every action taken must be carefully considered. The purpose of Tower Towns is to avoid deforestation, and pushing wildlife into human settlements.

We can have a high population that is sustainable without harming the ecosystem.

The Forward Party needs to accept cryptocurrency donations. It’d be the first party to do so. Which would allow a new industry to have a friendly face in the government. By writing crypto friendly policies, and working with crypto organizations. It’d create a healthy symbiotic relationship.

The Forward Party & Algorand could also sponsor sporting events together. ALGO does have a relationship with FIFA, and Drone Racing League. But getting involved with PFL MMA, Bellator MMA, Most Valuable Promotions, MLS, USL, and WNBA would also be good.

Andrew Yang expressed concern about UFC fighter pay. Something the controversial Jake Paul has also expressed concern about. So associating with MVP makes sense.

The Republicans lack an association with popular culture. The Democrats definitely have an association with it. Every political revolution needs ties to entertainment.

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