Nyx Nightly News: week one

I started watching Sevilla FC versus Cadiz around HT. But I only have a vague understanding of the rules. I haven’t played soccer aka football since I was 9 years old. I’ve watched a couple MLS games before.

But my preference is MMA, Hockey, and strong style puroresu. I’m rooting for Sevilla FC here. Delaney scored the winning goal for Sevilla at the sixty-eighth minute. Winning the Antonio Puerta Trophy once again.


Johnny Ace & Mike Barton versus Satoru Asako & Takao Omori

Star rating: 3 & 1/2 stars out of 5

We’re looking at this match because I rewatched CM Punk’s promo on John Laurinaitis. John probably would have had a great career in late 70s & early 80s NWA. Staying in AJPW, and finishing his career there also would have been smart.

He was more suited for traditional pro wrestling. Unlike the Road Warriors that did well in general. Overall definitely not bad at all.

LIGA MX, MLS, and more!

Mikel Arriola recognized that MLS could surpass LIGA MX in five years. Something that might help the league is offering English commentary on ESPN+. It might help draw some interest to the league. Bundesliga offers English & Spanish commentary on ESPN plus.

A little international attention never hurts.

CF Montreal versus Inter Miami

I missed the first 22 minutes but Montreal is performing wonderfully right now. It’s 2 points for Montreal, and 1 for Inter Miami. I’m hoping this will be a very competitive game. CF Montreal is my preferred team here.

It’s Half Time, and Montreal keeps its lead.

Final score was 2-2

BITCOIN & Algorand coverage

With Blackrock & Coinbase working together. If you want to make some money now is the time. We might be in a bear market. But when things are good again you’ll be happy you did.

The new trend is environmentally friendly and carbon efficient technology. Algorand has all of that covered. FIFA is partnered with Algorand. They’re regional supporter for the FIFA World Cup. ALGO is also sponsoring the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

Soccer is the biggest team sport in the world. It’s a brilliant partnership.

Bitcoin will eventually get back to 69,000, and achieve a high of 100,000. You’re going to want to have some invested for when it happens.

Infrared Haz & The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

Haz continues his Pro-PRC apologetics, anti-anime, and anti-Pagan tirades on YouTube. While I do like the idea of culturally traditional socialism making a comeback. However some of his stances won’t win mass support.

He’d probably enjoy the entire dragon ball franchise, Attack On Titan, Gundam franchise, and Fist of The North Star. Even Naruto & Naruto Shippuden to some extent. They present positive values, and honor.

They don’t really promote anything bad. I do agree that some anime & manga is problematic. However most of it promotes better values to it’s viewers.

Being anti-Pagan is a useless position to hold that the American masses will be confused by. Plus there’s plenty of Pagans like myself who aren’t weird or hyper-individualistic.

Let’s say Haz, and the other conservative Marxists gain momentum. They now have to address the historical anti-religious atrocities carried out by Marx influenced left wingers. This will be a huge thing given they want to get support from Trump supporters.

Who are typically Christian, and anti-PRC.

Jackson Hinkle has been labeled as an enemy of Ukraine. Simply because he isn’t fanatically anti-Russia. He’s apparently big enough to be financially deplatformed, and put on a list. Even though most people have no idea who he is.


Episode Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Match of the Night: Dickinson vs Coughlin

Dickinson versus Coughlin is the type of match you show someone. If you want them to take pro wrestling seriously. Kind of like Suzuki versus Sugiura in Pro NOAH. It feels like an MMA fight.

Ring Of Honor & ESPN+

If Tony Khan wants to do something really big with his new toy. He’ll get them on ESPN+ immediately. All past, present, and future ROH content should be on ESPN+ . I love pro wrestling that presents itself seriously. Don’t get me wrong I love wild characters too.

But the seriousness of ROH, and promotions like NJPW is what I enjoy the most.

The ESPN+ program would be called ROH Pure. It would be heavily focused on ROH pure wrestling rules, and take some inspiration from UWFI. Stars from NJPW & GLEAT would appear on ROH Pure regularly.

There’d be a pure championship for male, and female wrestlers. A brand new championship, and division would be created. The Pure Open division would allow male & female wrestlers to compete for the same championship.

The Pure Open division would be using shoot style wrestling rules. The one requirement for male competitors is that their weight must remain between 145 & 170. A male competitor cannot be a single pound over.

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