Nyx Nightly News 2: Bitcoin, and more

The crypto industry should come to Upstate NY. The organizations that can afford to fund cryptocurrency friendly politicians should come first. Counties like Saratoga, Warren, Washington, and Erie.

New York State isn’t the most business friendly state, and it’s not the cheapest place to live. However it’s a very influential part of the United States of America. Upstate NY has been neglected, and used to prop up New York City.

Upstate NY has one of the poorest economies in the country. But at the same time, it’s one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the Northeast. Go to the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid, and Lake George. Go there, and tell me I’m wrong.

The blatant disrespect this region receives is rooted in an anti-rural, and anti-working class sentiment. It’s a classic case of classism, and it’s one of the most potent modern examples.

Coinbase, Microstrategy, Solana Foundation, Gemini, and Algorand Foundation should work to improve Upstate New York. Improve the lives of everyday people, and create opportunities for them.

Unfortunately, it’s cheaper to move than it is to live here. That should never be the case. There’s a brain drain because the opportunities are limited. Cryptocurrency can change that.

I’d also recommend getting a MLS or USL soccer team up here. Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Buffalo, and Plattsburgh are good options. The team could get sponsorships with Stewart’s, and one of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

All I’m saying is that if you make the lives of Upstate New Yorkers easier. You’ll have a permanent home to project your influence over the financial, and technology industry.

Reduce poverty, and loyalty follows.


Corporations & small businesses should be legally required to pay employees more. If they’re working in an area with a crime rate of 10% or higher. This would force the private sector to care about communities.

They’ll find a way to get crime below 10% or continue to pay the workers hazard pay. It’s actually a lose-lose scenario for them. If they refuse to help that reveals their true feelings. If they do help it means less money for yachts & hook-ups with Instagram models.

If you’ve got paternalistic conservative or socialist views. This would be the ultimate chess move. It’s checkmate.


“White people, we do not have ancestry.

We are white. Our “ancestors” willingly, knowingly, and eagerly destroyed their cultures to subjugate other people and take their material resources. That is your ancestry. That is what you are.

You cannot change that with good thoughts.

White ancestor worship is racist and I will not entertain you soft-headed fools on this. If you can’t see the line, you’re choosing not to.

White people didn’t start valuing European ancestry until Black people started unifying around their shared African origins.” – Witch King Cooper on Twitter

Alright, Let’s pick this apart. The concept of the White race is a primarily Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic invention. Look up immigration laws from 1789 to 1965. You’ll quickly realize that most of the White race wasn’t considered White for a long time.

Also the fact that you bring up the erasure of authentic culture is fascinating. Truly it is something to behold. The erasure of European culture is a product of capitalism, and Christianity. This was carried out by the ruling class.

Your typical “white” in America isn’t descended from the aristocracy or anything like that. Most are descendants of commoners that were just trying to feed their families. It’s hard to care when you’re struggling yourself.

Anyone with a cursory understanding of Celtic, Slavic, and Iberian history knows the truth. The history of these peoples is often ignored by self-righteous buffoons. Because it’s hard to argue that White privilege is universal. If you do bring it up.

Even talking about Appalachian Scots-Irish, the opioid crisis, West Virginia, and Upstate New York makes it hard.

The Irish were considered sub-human by the English. This sentiment was brought over to America. The hateful legacy of Cromwell, and Darwin lasted a long time.

The Barbary Slave Trade targeted European men & women. Slavic boys were taken away from their Mothers, and forced to become Janissaries. The self-hate isn’t cute.

The ahistorical & religious belief that White people are demons diminishes the significance of atrocities in general. It allows the actions of the Ottoman Empire, Mongol Empire, and so many others to be ignored.

No MLS or MMA coverage this time

Probably on Saturday

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