Understanding the Andrew Tate phenomenon from the perspective of fatherless child

I grew up without a Father, and was supervised by a woman who wasn’t by any means fit to be a mother. So, my perspective on Andrew Tate, Kevin Samuels, and people like them is a bit different.

I see them as mirrors reflecting the ugliness of the world. I don’t see them as a true problem. I see them as a reactionary impulse of a neglected social group. That social group being young men, and boys.

I will revisit some of the things, I’ve said previously.

This post was covering violence, and men’s mental health. A lot of the opinions I expressed there can also be used here.
  • Social media
  • Casual sex aka hookup culture
  • The alienation & increased hopeless that contributes to the high male suicide rate
  • The increased rate of single parent households
  • The reduced significance of the act of making love
  • Nihilistic & hedonistic cultural attitudes

This creates the environment that gives you Andrew Tate, Kevin Samuels, and Jordan Peterson. You don’t have men like this in a traditional community focused civilization.

Kevin Samuels wasn’t even that bad of a guy. He was just a little bit mean to guests on his show. His gimmick was trying to get women to adjust their expectations.

Because you can’t expect a six figure man to lower his standards, and settle. Men are told to be realistic all the time. So in my opinion, he was just being an egalitarian. By applying that standard to women.

Kevin at least to my knowledge never preached anything as extreme as Andrew Tate. Kevin was the reasonable one, and as soon as he died. Women celebrated his death.

Men saw that, and that helped Andrew Tate.

So, why are people suddenly frightened? What’s with the concern? Andrew Tate represents a radical form of MGTOW. An ideology that isn’t defeatist, and peddled by bitch made divorced dads.

The reaction to radical feminism, and fashionable misandry has arrived.

Capitalism & liberalism is ultimately responsible for the feud between the sexes. Those belief systems are also responsible for the erasure of authentic culture. Liberal capitalism created Andrew Tate.

When boys & young men don’t have intact families. They go searching for guidance elsewhere. Sometimes it’s a gangster, and sometimes it’s men like Andrew Tate. Ultimately it leads to the same thing.

For a deeper understanding of the state of men go look at the post I linked.

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