Nyx Nightly News 3

How to make states like New York & New Jersey affordable

Henry George, and his school of thought provides a valuable solution. A single tax that replaces all the others. We should have a land value tax instead of taxes on things like income, trade, and purchases.

With the rise of the Metaverse, and projects like Decentraland. The land value tax would also apply to virtual land. Some of the public revenue from taxing physical, and virtual land would fund a citizen’s dividend.

Also known as universal basic income.

Yang’s Forward Party, and younger members of the Republican Party should consider this.

American Soccer coverage, and occasionally English ⬇️

Caught the very end of Sheffield United versus Sunderland. It looked like it was a solid game. I don’t really watch EFL but I think I like this team. Sheffield United wins the match. SHU: 2 & SUN: 1

Crypto News

Check it out

Unsurprisingly, the established world order doesn’t want this to happen. Developing nations wouldn’t have to submit to American, Russian, and Chinese influence. They’d be in a non-aligned economic zone.

Potential major powers like India may want to be more open to cryptocurrency.

The return of multipolarity, and the demise of unipolar hegemony is approaching. There will be multiple major players. But there’s always the other option.


That’s what scares them.

An invitation for Pro-PRC Westerners, and Marxists to address the concerns of a critical observer

I’m not interested in going on a livestream just so you know. But feel free to respond how you see fit. It seems like you’re fluffing the PRC in order to make them look strong, and virile. Kind of like a stagehand that helps a male porn actor before his scene.

The Chinese birth rate has been falling for 5 years, and it’s below replacement. World Bank & CNN have some data on this.



This is a 1 billion+ population nation with a low replacement rate, and an aging population. The People’s Republic will not be a challenger after this bubble bursts.

India is basically banning anything associated with China. As well as showing concern about the Sri Lanka situation. WION news has so many videos on this.

India is a big market just like the United States. Souring tensions indicate that China might lose both. Vietnam is also getting friendlier with the USA as of late.

There’s also the looming real estate crisis that’s around the corner in China. Graham goes into detail here.

There’s also all the things that SerpentZA, Laowhy, and Prozzie talk about. Like the ghost cities all over China. Completely empty real estate projects just sitting there.

They have plenty of videos on the topic. Here’s one from 4-5 years ago. I’ve got a recent one as well.

Here’s the newer one

October 2021

What exactly makes you so confident in China’s ability to be an alternative?

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