Injustice WWF part 0

I decided that making fun of Vince Russo & 90s wrestling might be fun. So, here’s what I came up with.

Setting: Injustice Earth 22

Joker uses the Amulet of Apophis on Doctor Fate & Flash successfully. He makes Doctor Fate open a portal at Blackgate that goes to our Earth. Flash is forced to turn back time in order for them to collect certain people.

Vince Russo, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Chyna, and Sable.

Blackgate, Arkham, and every questionable bar in Gotham will be able to watch. Joker intends to use pro wrestling in order to gain enough wealth to create an army. He wants to burn down half of the world to send a message.

Note: This Joker has aspects of Killing Joke, Leto’s Suicide Squad, and the Injustice series

The broadcast begins with Joker laughing menacingly as he holds a knife to the Ultimate Warrior’s neck. Savage is heavily sedated, and resting in the corner of the ring. Chyna is wearing a naughty barbarian outfit, and Sable is wearing a Versace robe.

Just a Versace robe, and nothing more.

Vince Russo was promised a great deal of creative control. So this is pretty standard for his style of wrestling. Very MTV, and Jerry Springer.

The first match is Sable versus Chyna in a Paddle on a Pole match. When Sable took off her robe, and revealed her naked body. The crowd almost rioted. Chyna smiled at her, and they wrestled like it was collegiate wrestling for a moment. Chyna picked Sable up, and power-bombed her. Chyna grabbed the paddle, and chased Sable around the ring. Hitting Sable’s bare ass as much as possible. Chyna was declared the winner.

“The second match will be a brutal spectacle between the juiced up Bane, and two heroes from the reader’s Earth! Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage! Both of these men have been given watered down versions of Bane’s venom. They should tolerate it pretty well after all they took steroids!” Said the Joker to an excited crowd of inmates

“The third match Bro! You won’t believe it, Bros! I’m calling it A Night In Chyna, Bro! Four lucky inmates are gonna fight to the death, Bro! For a night of love & passion with the Amazonian barbarian Chyna! It’ll be amazing, Bro! I might swerve the marks with a special gift for Chyna too, Bro! Stay Tuned!” Said Vince Russo

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