The Knights Solaris in the Benin Empire

The Knights Solaris is a heretical Catholic military order. They’ve been universally condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, Knights Templar, and Knights Hospitaller.

They initially received minor condemnation for permitting marriage, and starting families. However what really got them into trouble was polygamy. The warriors of the order were granted permission to have four wives.

Nuns of the order marrying Priests or Soldiers was common place. But the men of the order would also marry peasant women, and women of lesser nobility. This would lead to formal condemnation from the Pope.

But nothing more.

What eventually got the entire order kicked out of Europe was the worship of Sol Invictus. They attempted to argue that Sol Invictus was a very important angel. An angel that deserved some veneration. But the Vatican wasn’t having any of it.

So, they assembled a fleet to go to the coast of West Africa. Information from traders suggested that an aspiring power was growing there. This was a golden opportunity for the order.

The order built a fortress city near the West African coast. It had a very sophisticated trench system that let water flow through the city. About seventy percent of the fleet was stripped down in order to make the city.

The rest of the fleet would occasionally go on raiding missions in Northern Africa. In order to gain needed supplies. The royal court of the Benin Empire would eventually hear about them in 1225 AD.

The Knights Solaris went roughly 30 years undetected shockingly enough. Benin emissaries were sent to the City of Solaris. The first contact was very positive, and the emissaries were very impressed with the city.

The city was filled with beautiful flowers, and decorations. Statues of Sol Invictus, , and Jesus Christ everywhere. Children running around playing. Music being played in the street.

The ruler of Benin at the time sent three hundred women, and chests filled with jewels as a symbol of friendship. A gift that was very well-received. The City of Solaris, and the Benin Empire enjoyed peaceful relations for centuries.

Not much is known about the fall of the City of Solaris. But it is believed by locals that the English were behind it. Still holding a grudge over noblewomen marrying into the order.

Rumor has it that the descendants of Solaris managed to make it to South America. In what would now be called Argentina.

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