Libertarians tend to be smarter people!!!

This is a common cope that Libertarians like Eric July will proudly proclaim. But unfortunately they can’t seem to convince society to embrace libertarianism. There’s always been a higher quantity of dumb people on Earth:

Surely, these smart libertarians would be capable of convincing them!

Standard libertarianism is a midwit fantasy. There are reasons to question the model for IQ testing. However all you need is basic observational skills to deconstruct this utopian philosophy.

Even it’s best thinkers eventually abandoned it to some degree. Curtis Yarvin aka Moldbug, Murray Rothbard, and Hans Hermann Hoppe. That alone should tell them something.

Did they become dumber? No! They accepted the truth.

Rothbard embraced populism. Hoppe & Yarvin both advocated for monarchy. All three acknowledged the reality of the human condition. A paternalistic societal structure is needed to some extent.

Yarvin even appeals to Marxists like Infrared Haz by the way.

Libertarianism, and social democracy require the same things. Closed borders, strict immigration regulations, and a proper sense of community. It would need collectivism to prop it up. Much like capitalism made the Nordic model possible.

Another thing that is historically proven, and cannot be disputed. Is that multiculturalism needs authoritarianism to sustain itself. Russia at any point in history is a good example. Basically every imperial or major power has adopted authoritarian tendencies. As it embraced new tribes of people.

In-group versus out-group is a natural survival mechanism. Only really two options to deal with it. Authoritarianism or monocultural civilization. Threat management theory is another psychological concept that pokes a hole.

Ibn Khaldun is a great thinker. His theories like Asabiyyah, accurately explain humanity as a group. Social solidarity with people you have things in common with.

Neoliberalism, and many other ideologies are successful because they understand it. They also address it. Libertarianism doesn’t addresses or understands any of this.

Libertarians can’t even agree with other libertarians. How do you intend to promote your vision for the world?

For the small government minarchists out there. Both Yarvin & Hoppe presented you with a valid solution. It’s monarchism, Folks.

Gambling & porn create feedback loops in the brain that keep you coming back. That first rush of happy chemicals gets you hooked. A libertarian would say that this is fine. Because it’s a voluntary action.

It’s not okay because if enough people develop detrimental addictions to various things. How do you think that impacts society as a whole? Why do you think restrictions have historically been placed on behavior?

It’s not for malicious reasons. Certain rules have to be in place for society to work properly.

A lot of the problems in our society today come from too much individuality. You can’t blame the government for everything. As much as you’d like too.

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