The third-eyed goatmen in Exandria

Tzeentch has sent a legion of third-eyed goatmen to the World of Exandria. In order to create an unlimited power base that only he can call upon. These axe wielding psychic berserkers have been given the green light to do anything in his name.

These goatmen are between 5’7 & 5’9 in height. They are muscular, and very agile. They’ve got an affinity for mind control, and psychic manipulation of inanimate objects. The goatmen used to be apart of the Mordian Iron Guard before corruption.

They’ve retained the useful parts of what they used to be.

Tzeentch’s Third Eyed Goat Legion exited the portal in Wildemount in Kryn Dynasty territory. They set up camp in the Penumbra range not that far from Bazzoxan. Maybe fifteen miles at the most.

Considering it’s a military installation for the most part. This would be a risk with a grand opening statement. But 6,000 psychically gifted goatmen should be able to break the spirit of 2,610 people.

The third eyed goat legion brought 3 siege cannons with them. That’ll be moved telekinetically by elite warriors of the legion.

A trio of driders approached the camp. The watchmen were cautious but permitted the approach. They introduced themselves as the Drider’s Wight. Spider-like Drow that are still loyal to the Spider Queen Lolth. Who remains in the Abyss.

They’re fully aware of who Tzeentch is, and why the legion is there. According to them, the Spider Queen wants to join forces with Tzeentch. She wants to punish the influential Drow that have betrayed her.

She’s willing to help them conquer Exandria. As long as she can be the one overseeing Xhorhas. Legate Gorbraxus agreed on one small condition. 6,000 small vials of Lolth’s blood for the legion to drink.

In order to obtain just a little bit of her power.

They said “Okay” before leaving the camp. One week passed, and the Legate was growing impatient. But fortunately for him they returned. With 6,000 vials as promised.

Giving them the ability to climb walls like spiders, and weave webs out of their wrists. It also strengthened their psychic abilities. Although it didn’t impact their appearance at all. Which surprised the driders quite a bit.

The Driders said they will be joining them for the siege of Bazzoxan.

After a few days of adjusting to the new abilities. The legion marched to Bazzoxan at a much greater speed than previously possible. The siege cannons being used were originally from the ships of the Imperium of Man. so, it shouldn’t take much to blast through the walls.

Legate Gorbraxus ordered them to fire six shots into the wall. The first shot was enough to break the wall. The other 5 did an exquisite amount of damage to the settlement itself.

Most of the legion rushed through the opening while the more adventurous ones climbed up the wall. The Aurora Watch wasn’t prepared for this surprise attack.

They surrendered in the hopes that those who aren’t active military would be spared harsh treatment.

Those that did try to fight even after the surrender were made an example of. The executions were very theatrical, and everyone had to watch. Legate Gorbraxus is the new ruler of Bazzoxan, and the Drider’s Wight are apart of his advisory council.

News quickly spread throughout Exandria that a new conquering horde had arrived. The Kryn Dynasty, and Dwendalian Empire have been put on notice.

They’re currently working on plans for how to deal with the new threat.

However Tzeentch is always watching, and he is quite pleased with himself.

This is just the start.

The energy he’s receiving from Bazzoxan is very delicious. It’s already helping him in his battles with the other Chaos Gods, and the Imperium of Man.

Legate Gorbraxus is setting his sights on Asarius next. With his knowledge of portal magic it won’t take long to get there. The City of Beasts is next. The Legate is currently having the newly conscripted Drow learn the ways of his legion.

They’re also giving up any useful information that might help in the conquest.

Exandria Must Fall

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