The AEW civil war & what Tony Khan should do

Tony’s best bet is to simply separate the hostile parties. There’s no reason to get rid of anyone. It’ll alienate some of AEW’s supporters. A young company can’t do that.

All Elite Wrestling has been a mixture of DDT Pro, PWG, and Late WCW in terms of style. That’s what appeals to the built-in audience that “The Elite” have.

I don’t think it should abandon that. However Tony Khan needs to restructure the creative approach a bit. Dynamite & Rampage should have two entirely separate rosters.

Dynamite would appeal to the current core audience. The current AEW style would be presented here. AEW Dark becomes Dynamite Dark. The Elite, and friends would wrestle here.

Rampage will present a more serious product. It’d be similar to Ring Of Honor, and NJPW with elements of Ruthless Aggression era WWE. CM Punk, FTR, and MJF would be over here. Rampage would be trying to appeal to the casual fan, old school fan, and the mythical “Lost Fan”

The Lost Fan is the fanbase that the industry has lost over the years.

AEW Dark Elevation will be tied to Rampage.

Tony Khan needs to realize that he’s risking repeating the mistakes of WCW, and Impact Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is currently in a situation where the clique has too much power.

NJPW, AAA, and other Forbidden Door partners do see this turmoil. This can impact AEW’s business relationship with them. Order needs to be established.

The company also needs to stop booking primarily for the BTE audience. If they want to actually challenge WWE. Hunter is a student of the game. Tony has more money but Hunter has more knowledge.

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