Height & Gender based immigration policy will promote equality

Height based immigration:

With the rise of the Tate brothers, Sneako, DefundSimping, and others. Young men flocking to them, and learning from them. One group of men that objectively has a harder time is short men.

So, they listen to these guys in order to figure out how to get ahead. Tall men, and taller people in general get preferential treatment in society. Dating, sports, and in the work place.

Life is simply easier for those with height privilege.

One way to normalize being short is for there to be a greater quantity of short people. Prioritizing men, and women from typically shorter countries. Will definitely help reduce the stigma attached to being short.

Countries like Moldova, Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Peru, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia, Romania, and Bolivia.

Greater quantities of short men & women will create a shift in American culture. Where height is less relevant in key areas. This would reduce the influence of people like Andrew Tate & Sneako.

Gender based immigration:

Women in the West typically have the world there finger tips. So many opportunities for careers, and lifestyle choices. Choices that typically aren’t afforded to ladies outside of the West.

But if we created an immigration program that speeds up the green card & citizenship process. We can get them in the United States, and other Western countries quickly. They’ll be able to live the life that they’ve been dreaming of.

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