The #MAGACommunism urban aesthetic

After the solid response to the school curriculum for MAGA Communism. Let’s also start looking at what a city could look like under this ideology. Aesthetics are essential.

Art styles that could be potential inspiration:

  • 50s Hollywood film noir
  • Wall Rose-Trost District (Attack on Titan)
  • Art Deco
  • Cassette Futurism
  • Dieselpunk
  • Steampunk
  • Colonial America
  • Gothic
  • Seljuk & Ottoman
  • Byzantine
  • Trump aesthetic
  • Mesopotamia
  • Stalinist Architecture

The city would have at least one nuclear power plant, and one tower town. Tower Towns are skyscrapers that can sustain at least 3,000 people, and operate like a town within a town. Given the opposition to population degrowth, and support for natalism.

Various ideas need to be entertained.

At the center of the city there’d be places of worship. For both major, and minor religions. The police department headquarters would also be in the center of the city. Just in case religious disputes or anti-theistic attacks occur.

There’d be a monument of the Founding Fathers shaking the hands of workers.

There’d be a garden maintained by the city that all residents are welcome to pick from.

The city would also be designed to be walkable. With an efficient, and quick system of trains for those that’d rather not. Anything is a step up from NYC, and LA.

The disgusting hives of neoliberalism.

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