Caffeinated ramblings

Also sleep deprived considering it’s 3-4am right now. But that’s peak writing hours so… I don’t know if this’ll make sense. But it gives me something to do.

I still consider myself a wrestling fan even I can barely sit through it. For a long time, my interest in watching has rapidly decreased. I am 26, and starting watching at the age of 2. Although the earliest wrestling moment that I can fully recall was at the age of 4.

I’ve watched so many American promotions. From the 1980s to now, and I’m noticing something. Older wrestling, and Ring Of Honor style pro wrestling is still watchable.

I can’t watch WWE or AEW. It just doesn’t work for me. Makes me feel like Jim Cornette, and relate to CM Punk’s recent comment.

“I’m hurt and I’m old and I’m fucking tired and I work with fucking children” -CM Punk

The old & tired part specifically. I think I’ve matured out of the demographic that’d enjoy AEW. I can’t watch just for MJF, Danhausen, Adam Cole, and Samoa Joe.

The exaggerated PWG independent style of wrestling is boring as fuck.

Whereas with Lucha Libre, I can watch it easily. AAA, and some of the independents on Mas Lucha are a lot of fun. I can watch CMLL but not as much as AAA.

I think it’s because American wrestling is going through an identity crisis. Whereas Lucha Libre is not.


I’ve been thinking about predestination theology a lot lately. As a polytheistic person, I do find it quite interesting. Though I do have issues with it.

Keep in mind my sources are YouTube & Wikipedia.

But the very basic premise that your fate was preselected encourages hedonism. Since no one actually knows for sure. It doesn’t matter how you behave.

A person that has sex very recklessly, and commits various crimes can still enter paradise. If that person was preselected to enter paradise. It’s almost Satanic in a Laveyan roleplay sort of way.

There’s 3 schools of thought that I’m aware of on this. Calvinism, Arminianism, and Molinism.

Based on what I read Luis de Molina had the best take on this. Because a supreme being would be fully aware of every possible scenario, and how that might impact the divine plan. Free will wouldn’t necessarily conflict with anything.

Before even reading about Luis De Molina on Wikipedia. I already had my own thoughts on it. Predisposition & free will instead of predestination. Humans have free will but naturally lean good or evil.

Certain decisions, opinions, and behaviors come more naturally based on that.

Humans are born with benevolence or malice in their heart. Some people are born to be bad people. They’re capable of changing but that’s a choice.

“No one’s inherently bad”

That’s optimistic garbage, and deep down everyone knows it.


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