Should Italy & others use the Ron Desantis tactic?

The member states aren’t fully in agreement on migration. Even now with the energy crisis, and the declining value of the Euro. They’re still prioritizing ideals that require a utopian degree of abundance.

So what should be done to push change? Accelerate & Antagonize is the solution. The rubber band that is the Euro Economic Zone is about to snap.

Desantis sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and they got right to it. It messed with the New Money socialites really quick.

Pick up the migrants in the Mediterranean or passing through the Balkans. Get them on planes to certain cities. Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Copenhagen. Routine drop-offs to these cities.

Until it reaches critical mass.

Creating a more closed borders approach within the European Union. Assuming the European Union survives.

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