The Demise of the European Union: The new borders

This is both a prediction, and a fun bit of alternate history. The absence of United States involvement is due to a Rebirth Era going on. MAGA Conservatives & MAGA-Communists control the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is run by Democratic Socialists of America & Andrew Yang.

Note : This is result of the energy & currency crisis of the 2020s. A Great Reset did occur but not exactly as WEF expected.

The Post-EU Europe:

United Ireland is achieved by 2030. The disinterest in support for English Crown, and the remnants of the empire is growing rapidly. Irish Gaelic language education is booming.

Scotland achieves independence because of a Pro-Stuart royalist conservative movement. The Americans begin buying Scottish oil.

Wales, and Cornwall have started an armed resistance against the English. That’s quietly getting funded by the Irish State, and various Irish American businessmen.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are planning to usurp the throne. They’ve been meeting with influential people in England, and New York. To see what could be done to make this happen.

After Queen Margrethe II of Denmark stripped the royal titles of four of her grandchildren away. Unrest began to grow within influential circles. A war for the Danish crown was brewing.

Italy, Poland, and Hungary form a tripartite Catholic alliance. Greater economic involvement between the powers, and a defensive pact. The three nations have significantly reduced migration into Western, and Central Europe.

With the collapse of the European Union, the once proud nation of Germany was looking like Weimar once again. In order to avoid another Adolf Hitler situation. The Polish military invaded, and annexed East Germany.

The territory that was the GDR at one point.

Bavaria became independent from Germany. They’d become a Catholic Elective Monarchy, and the fourth member of the Catholic Alliance.

After the independence of Bavaria, and the Polish annexation of East Germany. The much smaller German nation became a hotbed of extreme ideas. The four largest parties are The Third Path, National Democratic Party, Alliance of German Democrats, and Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany.

Fascism, Marxism-Leninism, and political Islam are the dominant ideologies in the New Germany. The New Germany is being monitored but isn’t considered a threat at this time.

Switzerland & Austria have merged into one new country.

The economies of Italy, Poland, and Hungary are booming. With this increase of wealth coming into their countries. The Catholic Alliance started it’s own space program. With the intention of spreading Catholicism throughout the galaxy.

The mid 2020s, and early 2030s gave birth to new border clashes in Southeastern Europe. It all started when Serbians started claiming parts of Croatia. Bosnia started claiming parts of Serbia, and Albania started claiming Kosovo again. Greece began claiming North Macedonia.

Romania & Bulgaria are minding their business. They’re only increasing border security.

The living members of the Ottoman royal family, and a group of Turkish businessmen began funding a movement. The plan is to grow the Turkish population of North Macedonia. So that they can put the Ottoman royal family in charge. The Ottoman Sultanate of North Macedonia.

Italy decides that the best course of action is Pax Romana. They invade Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Fully absorbing Slovenia, and Montenegro. But choosing to stop at Karlovac when it came to Croatia. Hungary would annex the remaining independent bits of Croatia.

Albania makes a foolish decision after successfully taking Kosovo. They fired rockets into the Italian province of Montenegro. The Italian response was quite the spectacle.

Planes dropped barrels of green, white, and red paint all over the streets of Tirana. 72 hours later the Italian Navy was blocking Albanian ports. 48 hours after that the Italian Air Force began neutralizing essential infrastructure. Like bridges, and power plants.

24 hours after that Italian troops arrived.

After 3 months, the Albanian government surrendered. Albania was annexed by Italy, and governed by a General going forward.

Turks, and Crimean Tatars from Romania migrated to North Macedonia. So, they could help with the effort to flip the country. By 2035, it was successful. The Turkish-Turkic minority put the Ottoman royal family on the throne.

In 2045, The Greeks invade the Ottoman Sultanate of North Macedonia. With financial, and naval support from Italy. The naval support is only meant to deter Turkey from getting involved.

The Bosnian-Serbian war lasts for 30 years. No significant border changes were made. Just a lot of death, and debt. Plenty of women from both countries took refuge in the United States, and Italy.

Andrew Tate becomes the Mayor of Bucharest. His brother Tristan Tate becomes the President of Romania. Thanks to some clever moves made by the Tate brothers. They hold on to those positions until their senior years.

The Carlist & Legitimist movements are growing rapidly. They want Louis Alphonse de Bourbon to rule France & Spain. These royalists want a return to the glory days. Before World War 1, and liberalism changed everything.

The French people are tired of constantly remaking the Republic, and protesting all the damn time. They just want a beautiful France again. The Spanish people are tired of incompetence of the PSOE, and the indifference of their current King.

After taking the throne in 2032, and joining the Catholic Alliance in 2033. King Louis XX declares Portugal his rightful territory. He gives them one month to peacefully accept terms.

However they chose not respond at all. Around 2-3am the King’s men attacking Portugal with 100% of it’s might. The Portuguese were caught by surprise. The war lasted two months. The King got what he requested.

Portugal could’ve did it the easy way. But they chose the hard way. The choice was theirs.

The Danish Royalist Civil War began in 2029, and ended in 2033. With the grandchildren regaining their titles, a new King, and parliament being dissolved.

Belgium became apart of the Netherlands.

Russia successfully annexes Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia. Belarus becomes apart of the Russian Federation after the death of Lukashenko.

Ramzan Kadyrov takes over United Russia after Vladimir Putin retires. However they only control 20% of the Russian government these days. The Liberal Democratic Party controls 20% of the Russian government as well. But don’t let the name fool you.

They’re not liberal nor are they democratic.

A Just Russia controls 15% of the Russian government. Which is quite impressive for such a young party. 44% of the Russian government is controlled by the Communist Party of Russia.

1% of the government is controlled by Yabloko.

As a response to Russia’s revanchist activities. Lithuania becomes apart of Poland. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is back. With East German territory, and a member of the Catholic Alliance.

The Czech Republic, and Slovakia begin entertaining the idea of becoming one country again.

The Azov Battalion remove Zelensky from power. A new coalition government is now running Ukraine. Svoboda, Radical Party of Liashko, Right Sector, and National Corps are the parties of the coalition.

Ukraine sends diplomats to Germany to begin discussing a greater bond.

Norway, Sweden, and Greenland reform the Kalmar Union.

Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Finland, and Iceland form an economic organization. It’s similar to BRICS. These countries also start seeing polytheism making a significant comeback. This is denounced by the Catholic Alliance.

Fully expecting the possibility of war. This organization modifies it’s mission. It is now an economic, and defense organization. An invasion of one is considered a war against all.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is now focused on taking former Norse territory in England. Which is now ruled by King Harry & Queen Meghan. Their efforts are rumored to be funded by Germany & Ukraine.

Scotland & Ireland are debating whether or not to help. But they both agreed to wait 800 years first.

Wales & Cornwall won independence in 2036. They’re now within the Irish sphere of influence. They’re also observing members of the Northern Union. That Ireland helped create with 4 other countries.

The language & culture of both these countries grew uninterrupted under Irish influence. Which is quite different than what we’ve seen under English occupation.

In 2040, Ukraine invades Moldova with the intention to annex it. President Tristan Tate of Romania announces that Romania will be deploying troops in Moldova. The Tate regime intends to protect Moldova from the Azovite hordes.

In 2056, The Greeks successfully conquered North Macedonia. The Ottoman royal family was deported to Ankara. Which would end up being a mistake.

Because in 2062, the Ottoman royal family is now in charge of Turkey once again.

Leading to a war in 2075 for Greece between Italy & Turkey that lasted until 2099. When Italy wipes Ankara off the map completely. The end result of the war is Greece & the Western half of Turkey becoming Italian territory.

The Eastern half remained in Ottoman hands until 2222. When the Kurds finally achieved their dream. Kurdistan became a reality.

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