Kingdom of New Arabia

After the OPEC decision to reduce oil drilling, and raise oil prices for America. While reducing it for the Europeans. The various influential factions in the USA sat down, and discussed a plan.

A great reduction in the power & influence for the House of Saud. Also a change in the borders. A direct & indirect approach will be taken.

The indirect approach began a month or so after the OPEC meeting. Various cultural movements began to pop up faster than the Saudi government could counter it. The royal inner circle became intensely paranoid.

The movements :

  • The Daughters of Al-Lat
  • The Council of Twelve
  • The Gilded Yankees
  • Persianate arabiyyah

With the rise of these movements the House of Saud became more erratic. They began lashing out at both the United States, and Iran more aggressively. So much so that Iran is planning to meet with American officials.

The Gilded Yankees are a cultural movement that is obsessed with 1870s to early 1900s America. They believe that Saudi Arabia has a lot to learn from this time period in American history. Festivals & themed parties are popping up all over.

The Daughters of Al-Lat is polytheistic & militaristic hyper-natalist movement. This movement believes that Gal Gadot, Stefi Cohen, and Stefania Ferrario represent the 3 ideal female physiques. They want the female population of Arabia to quadruple.

They want statues and temples for Al-Lat everywhere on the Peninsula. If the movement succeeds the military, and royal guard will be majority female. The Kings, Princes, Priests, and everyday people will be protected by women.

The Council of Twelve wants a Shia Theocratic Monarchy in Arabia. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Persianate arabiyyah is fascinated by Persian culture, and history. As well as their contributions to Islam. They believe that Persia was better for the Middle East culturally speaking. So by embracing their ways it’ll inevitably put an end to extremism.

The extremism that has absolutely demolished the region’s reputation.

All of these are 100% USA funded efforts.

The Daughters of Al-Lat are doing quite well in Medina, and Yanbu. Which has infuriated the Crown Prince but going after women would upset European allies. So he’s reluctantly allowing it to continue.

The Council of Twelve has taken Mecca by storm. The religious elites of the city are embracing the movement. Now this made The House of Saud very uneasy. If they embrace Twelver Shia that means the regular common folk will.

So, they began to aggressively denounce them in the media. Vicious rumors were spread, and members were detained. But this didn’t deter people from embracing it.

The Gilded Yankees are dominating the field in Riyadh. This is only getting mild negative responses from the House of Saud. But it’s definitely concerning because some younger royals have gone to the festivals.

Persianate arabiyyah doesn’t have a specific base of power like the others. But it’s definitely popular in Northern, and Eastern Arabia. Members of the Qajar, and Pahlavi royal families have been spotted in Northern Arabia.

But every time they try to catch them for questioning. They managed to slip away.

By 2025, the four movements held a significant amount of influence. The House of Saud was becoming fragile, and attempted to adopt ideas occasionally. But this plan backfired.

Because it only emboldened them.

The Houthis are invading, and gaining ground near the Arabian-Yemeni border. They’ve pushed the Saudi military out of Yemen completely. Now they’re looting, and laughing.

Qatar, and United Arab Emirates have started funding the four movements as well. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain control over Arabia. They were approached by USA, and the unholy alliance formed.

The trio plotting the demise of House of Saud.

The Crown Prince realized what was going on in 2030. He ordered the military to attack the four movements, Qatar, and UAE. With a 100% scorched Earth, and fuck the Geneva convention attitude to war.

With weapons, and planes that they bought from China. They did countless damage to their own realm. The Qatari & UAE militaries worked with the Houthis to keep the Saudi military occupied.

The direct approach & phase 2 of the American plan began in the Summer of 2030.

The United States gave arms, and ammunition to the movements. The Qataris gave them food & safe zones. The UAE gave them medicine.

The ruling class, and media outlets of these nations promoted the four movements vigorously.

The Council of Twelve, Gilded Yankees, and Persianate Arabiyyah merged into one movement by 2036. Elements of each movement blended into one syncretic beast. The Qajars, Pahlavis, and Trumps have develop strong ties to this super movement.

The clashes between The New Arabia & the House of Saud were competitive until 2038. But receiving training from retired Navy Seals & Army Rangers privately gave the movement an edge.

The Daughters of Al-Lat successfully secured Medina, Yanbu, and Medina province as a whole. They remained on the defensive, and acted like a stubborn cow the whole conflict. A genius move for them because it worked.

In 2038, New Arabia seized the Palace of Yamamah. The House of Saud was permitted to retain control of the province of Jazan. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was permitted to continue it’s existence as a rump state.

In 2040, the Kingdom of New Arabia was formed. Barron Trump embraced Shia Islam, and married four women. 3 of his wives come from the Qajar, Pahlavi, and Thani families. The fourth is a woman he met at university.

New Arabia will provide the Americans with oil forever.

The Daughters of Al-Lat created the Kingdom of Medina. The military & police are 98% female. Because women make up the overwhelming majority of the population.

Their leaders, scholars, and merchants are still men though. It’s become a popular tourist destination for young men. They have a strong relationship with New Arabia, and New York City.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now regularly bullied by Yemen. It got so bad that New Arabia had to tell them to relax.

The Kingdom of New Arabia would eventually declare war on Eritrea & Djibouti. With the intention of conquering them. This goal was achieved in 2056 after ten years of war.

The King said he could’ve done it in half the time. But he was trying his best to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties. He dedicated the victory to his Mother.

A mosque will be built & named after her in Eritrea.

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