Rate this political platform #MAGACommunism

A potential platform for the coming MAGACOMM factions of the GOP, and CPUSA.

The Americas First! A synthesis of Make America Great Again, and the Monroe Doctrine. The primary focus will be making the Americas great as a whole. In many ways, the rest of the Americas is lagging behind 🇺🇸 & 🇨🇦.

But in other ways, they’re doing better.

MAGACOMM will prioritize trading within the New World. Essential resources like oil for example. Alaska, Texas, Canada, Venezuela, Guyana, and Ecuador will be the go-to options for it. This is preferable to the current situation. Which is relying on Middle Eastern sources.

The goal is to create the Peoples Union of the Americas. A brand new state that is similar to the Soviet Union, and Holy Roman Empire.

The currency of the Peoples Union of the Americas will be backed by a basket of resources. Oil, gold, silver, land, and precious gemstones. The money printer will not go brrr anymore.

Stable & sound money.

The Peoples Union will develop a positive relationship with Russia, Central Asia, Iran, and North Korea. The sins of the Cold War nostalgic neoliberals will not be repeated. Their legacies will be spat on.

The ideology of the MAGACOMM super-state will be influenced by the following people.

  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Henry George
  • Lázaro Cárdenas del Río
  • Daniel De Leon
  • Lyndon Larouche
  • Kim Il-Sung
  • Frank Chodorov

The entirety of the Americas can be lifted up to first world conditions. In the new multipolar world, the Americas must become a unified power.

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