Learning about Judaism part 1?

When I asked a friend to recommend theologians to me. I received an extensive list of scholars. He listed Christian, Muslim, and Jewish theologians. I was only expecting some Catholics & Protestants.

One of the suggested names is Maimonides. Whose also known as Moses ben Maimon, and Rambam. Reminds me of Bamm-Bamm from Flintstones.

The purpose of posts like this are to help me take in what I’m learning. It’s mostly likely not going to have some profound insight going along with it.

13 principles

  • 1 & 2 God exists & God is one
  • 3 God is non-corporeal (No body)
  • 4 God is eternal nothing existed before God or brought God into existence
  • 5 We must serve God exclusively
  • 6 God speaks through prophecy
  • 7 Moses is the ultimate prophet
  • 8 Torah is divine
  • 9 Torah is immutable
  • 10 God is omniscient
  • 11 God rewards & penalizes
  • 12 A messiah & messianic era will come
  • 13 The dead will be resurrected, if they were righteous

I will be looking for an audiobook or a physical copies of his writing at some point. Guide for the Perplexed probably. Possibly Mishneh Torah.

When listening to the 13 principles it did make me think of Tawhid. Though that’s not that shocking to be honest.

My friend’s recommendations

  • Maimonides
  • Plotinus
  • Origen Adamantius
  • Bernard of Clairvaux
  • Duns Scotus
  • Anselm of Canterbury
  • William of Ockham
  • Averroes
  • Al-Farabi
  • Ibn Khaldun
  • Nachmanides
  • Philo

Articles like this one will be a way of keeping track of my Abrahamic theology education. Politics, and the philosophy surrounding no longer stimulates the mind. So, I’ve decided to move on.

If the name of the website doesn’t make it obvious to you. I am a polytheist instead of a monotheist or atheist. So this should be fun.

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