The Brave New World: The unintended results of the WEF’s Great Reset

The 4 year Biden clusterfuck, and Hunter’s War completely devastated the Western neoliberal project. Economic crises, shortages, and more. The British pound got pounded. Europeans are using firewood or trash for warmth.

But this dark period would not last. A new Age of Empires has arrived.

The 6 Great Empires of the New World Order!

The Empire of America

The United States of America went from a “democratic” republic to an aristocratic elective kingdom. The Biden administration completely decimated belief in democracy. Through sheer incompetence. Leading to influential families taken over

  • Trump family
  • Ford family
  • Anoa’i family (The Rock & Roman Reigns)
  • McMahon family (WWE)
  • Fliehr family (Ric Flair)
  • Guerrero family (Eddie & Chavo)
  • Lutteroth family
  • Peña family
  • Mathers family (Eminem)
  • Musk family
  • Carter family (Jay Z)
  • Khan family (Tony Khan)
  • Bezos family
  • Bolsonaro family

These are the 14 noble families of the Empire of America. The first Emperor was Donald Trump. He reorganized, and revived the American economy. Through some clever deals that remain a mystery to most. Canada became apart of the United States.

Some believe that Trump threatened to release proof of Justin Trudeau’s extramarital activities. As well as reveal that Fidel Castro is in fact his Father.

Halfway through his reign as Emperor. Donald Trump annexed Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, and Barbados. The Philippines was annexed a few years before the end of his reign.

Donald Trump Jr. was his successor. At this time, the Empire of America the right to rule was hereditary. But the other 13 families definitely had influence within the empire.

The Lutteroth & Peña families were funding a rebellion to join the Empire of America in Mexico. The Guerrero family was also involved but on a smaller level. This would eventually succeed. The Mexican government surrendered after five years.

Jair Bolsonaro did form the shortly lived new Empire of Brazil. But his successor was terrible with money, and spent too much time with prostitutes. The daughter of the 2nd Emperor of Brazil would marry into the Trump family. Giving them a legitimate claim to Brazil. They’d invade Brazil, and take it. But they didn’t stop there. Venezuela, Guyana, Chile, and Argentina were taken after that.

Before Donald Trump Jr. passed away the decision was made. The Empire of America would be an aristocratic elective imperial state. This is when the 14 families began to truly prosper.

The next Emperor would be the son of Elon Musk & Grimes. X AE A-XII Musk is known for being a big fan of Warhammer, Dune, and Pre-Christian Rome. He wants to conquer the Americas, and fulfill his Father’s dream. Advanced human civilization on Mars!

Under him the Empire enjoyed rapid technological advancement, and very quick conquests. Because of his love for Pre-Christian Rome, and Rome in general. He considered the Iranian Empire to be the most evil empire in our history.

He also didn’t trust the Bezos family very much.

Friends: Western Roman Empire & the Indian Empire

Neutral: Russian Empire

Enemies: Iranian Empire & Zulu Empire

The Iranian Empire

After repeated regime change attempts made by the United States of America. The republic reverted to a kingdom. The Pahlavis, Qajars, and Safavis would merge into one royal house. The Neo-Achaemenid Dynasty is what they’d be known as going forward.

The Iranians began by conquering Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iraq. As a practice run to get back into the imperialist mode. Once that was taken care of, and the rebels were squashed. They decided that they wanted Afghanistan. The Taliban gave them a solid fight. But the Iranians defeated them within five years. Something the United States couldn’t do.

After a period of building up the conquered territories. The Iranian set it’s sights on the Arabian peninsula. Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar became vassals voluntarily. Getting along with Iranian nobility took some time. But they were eventually accepted among them.

The United Arab Emirates got lucky. Iran’s Imperial forces didn’t make a move on them. But Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen weren’t so lucky. A very brutal conquest was carried out by the elite warriors of the Empire. “No mercy, No retreat” was the only orders given.

A period of peace was enjoyed until the new Shah took power. There were three countries that he wanted under Iranian rule. Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece. For him, this would be the completion of the empire.

He succeeded but this would make the Russians & Western Romans suspicious of them.

Friends: Russian Empire, and Zulu Empire

Neutral: Western Roman Empire

Enemies: Indian Empire & Empire of America

The Indian Empire

With a population north of 1 billion, and an empire’s amount of territory already. There are countless families of note. Too many to list here. It’d completely derail my alternate history post.

After India officially joined the adult table with USA, Russia, and China. There was a lot of pro-imperialist tendencies developing among the people. They wanted India to have a cultural & economic hegemony. Like so many others have.

The 8 major families in the early days of the Indian Empire

  • Abdullah family of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Patel family of Gujarat
  • Nehru-Gandhi family
  • Mewar dynasty
  • Royal family of Jaipur
  • The House of Bhonsales
  • The Bourbons of India
  • Chopra family

The rest of the influential families, and common pledged their loyalty to one of the eight major families.

A Warring States period began to determine the pecking order. In the end, it was the Mewar dynasty that won it all. The family did a very intelligent thing after establishing control of the young empire.

They formed the council of eight families. A representative of each family would sit at the table to discuss policy. This way all eight families feel represented. Which means their supporters are happy as well.

After this they invaded Southeast Asia, and Australia. Conquering all of it over the next 20 years.

The Nehru-Gandhi family insisted upon a decade of peace & development. They’d get just that. But the Emperor had one final mission before an era of true peace.


The Emperor would not agree to a decade of peace until Pakistan was apart of the empire. He invaded Pakistan, and the Iranian empire intervened. Extending what would have been a brief adventure.

After twenty-five years of bloodshed, the Indian empire triumphed. Pakistan is now apart of the empire. But now they’ve got a new rival. Will these two clash?

Friends: Empire of America & Russian Empire

Neutral: Western Roman Empire & Zulu Empire

Enemy : Iranian Empire

The Russian Empire

The Liberal Democratic Party achieved major status, and United Russia had to form a coalition with them. Legislation was passed to put the Romanov family back in charge of Russia. The Putin, Kadyrov, and Slutsky families became cadet branches of the Romanovs.

Through marriage, and so on.

The Russian empire retook all of it’s former territory. Except for the land under Iranian control. Which was fine because Russia conquered Finland, Sweden, and the Koreas.

China had split in two after Xi Jinping retired. Northern China became a tributary state of the Russian Empire. Southern China is a Maoist-Rothbardian republic. That is basically Disneyland for Adults. So many people from the 6 empires, and independent countries come here annually.

Friends: Iranian Empire, Indian Empire, and Zulu Empire

Neutral: Empire of America & Western Roman Empire

Enemies: Independent countries & the Clintons

Western Roman Empire

The rise of Meloni had plenty of side effects. A booming economy, and Roman revanchism. Meloni would become Queen, and later on declare herself the spiritual descendant of Augustus. She use the title “Caesar”, and develop a modern version of the Roman aesthetic.

Most of Western Europe was weakened economically, and spiritually. Making them an easy target for the soon to be Empress of Rome. She retook all former Western Roman land in Europe relatively quickly. Two years later, The Western Roman Imperial Forces invaded Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

It seems that Meloni has the divine mandate because success came quickly. They’d become apart of the revived Western Roman Empire as well.

After that Empress Meloni began meeting with House Bourbon & House Grimaldi during a brief period of peace. To find a husband for her daughter when the time comes for her to marry. The families would spend a lot of time together.

So that it wouldn’t be a completely random thing.

Once that was taken care of for the most part. Empress Meloni declared war on Iceland, Greenland, and Denmark. The campaign lasted ten years. But it was successful nonetheless.

The Western Roman-Zulu Wars became a perennial theme. The Zulus want Algerian oil, and the Western Roman Empire wouldn’t sell it. So they invaded, and got pushed out. There’d be a few years of peace, and the Zulus would try again. This cycle seems to be never ending.

Friends: Empire of America & the Russian Empire

Neutral: The Iranian & Indian Empires

Enemy: The Zulu Empire

The Zulu Empire

A political & cultural movement was brewing among the Zulu people for some time. They wanted to be like Shaka Zulu but they also wanted to be like the Genghis Khan & the Mongols. So, it was a peculiar hybrid.

They quickly united South Africa with Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. After a month of celebration, the Emperor decided that they were going to take the Ivory Coast. They conquered their way to it, and the world took notice of how quickly it happened.

After the Ivory Coast, they set their sights on 3 countries. Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Niger. They took each of them using an adapted form of Mongolian tactics.

After this the Emperor requested oil from the Roman province of Algeria. The request was denied because the Zulu Empire offered too little in the eyes of the Empress.

So they declared war for Algeria, and lost. They kept doing this, and continued to lose. The Emperor’s brother, and his heir would constantly ask him why he persists. When he governs territories that already have it. Plus he can also buy from Russians.

The Emperor says it’s a matter of principle. He feels disrespected by the Romans. It’s no longer about the oil or Algeria for that matter. It’s about honor & killing Romans.

Victory is irrelevant, and so is defeat.

Friends: Russian Empire

Neutral: everyone else

Enemies: Western Roman Empire

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