AAA is the key to understanding AEW, Jim Cornette

I’m watching the part 1 of the AAA show at Hard Rock. Ring & Rock StAAArs! I’ve watched AAA on & off on YouTube since 2013. This is where a significant portion of the roster get their style from.

The Young Bucks for example. They wouldn’t stand out in AAA, and plenty of Mexican promotions. Because everyone wrestles like that there.

Arez & Aramis versus Kommander & Látigo

This match was a lot of fast paced high risk moves & spots. Super kicks, and suicide dives to the outside. Everything Cornette can’t stand.

I enjoyed it personally but I get where he’s coming from. Storytelling is diminished when there’s too many near finishes. The overuse of a move can also have a similar effect.

Which begs the question on what he chooses to cover on his program. Obviously he has to talk about AEW & WWE because that’s the big two.

But there’s plenty of wrestling the way he likes it that’s still out there.

  • Championship Wrestling from Hollywood
  • Championship Wrestling from Memphis
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Noah
  • All Japan Pro Wrestling
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • CMLL
  • ROH unless Tony Khan puts a spin on it

Also if he gets on YouTube right now, and looks for vintage wrestling. He’ll find an absurd amount of options.

  • CWA
  • IWE
  • JWA
  • USWA
  • NWA
  • Mid-South Wrestling
  • Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
  • AWA
  • WCCW
  • SMW

It’s literally all there if you go looking for it.

These are the channels

  • Classic wrestling stuff
  • Traderjack641
  • Professional Wrestling Preservation Society
  • Roy Lucier All Japan
  • Roy Lucier CMLL
  • Cactus Back Wrestling
  • Old School Rasslin
  • 4Wrestlingfans

It’s literally all out there in the open.

Personally I think AEW is in desperate need of a coherent identity. But given the fact that Tony Khan has 4 AEW programs, and ROH. There’s an easy way to have your cake & eat it too.

AEW Dark Elevation migrates to the Ring of Honor YouTube channel. It becomes ROH Pure TV. The wrestlers that prefer the ROH-NJPW style can go there.

AEW Dark can be the PWG-Chikara-AAA playground on YouTube.

AEW Dynamite can continue with the current style. AEW Rampage can be more like early 2000s WWF & WCW. Which will bring in a more casual audience. Something that AEW actually needs.

Dynamite & Dark would be for the Day 1 fans.

AEW Rampage & ROH Pure TV would be for everyone else.

A fake wrestling war between AEW & Lucha Libre AAA would be cool. Have an annual AEW versus AAA ppv in Madison Square Garden. It’d be best for business.

You might end up getting AAA on US national television with English commentary. More options for the people!

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