Drifta tribe of Mordor

“What color is your Caragor Cart” – Overlord Azog Tate

Overlord: Azog Tate

Warchief: Ratbag Tate

Captain: Luke “no-cart” Brazzog

The Driftas organizes heists, and races. These Uruks, and orcs are hated by most of the other Uruks. The Marauder & Machine tribes love them however. Those Uruks love these young upstarts trying to make a name for themselves.

The Tate’s love hosting sexy parties with dwarven, and hobbit concubines. They use these parties to flex their wealth, and influence. However it has created some controversy.

Because it’s producing hybrids that may or may not be beneficial to Sauron. Half Uruk & Half Dwarf or Half Uruk & Half Hobbit. It just keeps happening.

The Warmongers send their favored upstart tribe the “Boomas” to attack them occasionally.

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