Grifta Tribe of Mordor

“We ain’t griftas, we is legitimate merchants of Sauron” -Gorbag Grifta

Overlord: Ben Blood-scroll

Warchiefs: Abbi Blood-scroll, Steve Chowda, and Gorbag Grifta

Captains: Azog Styx the small-hammer, Vaushrog, Bolg Moppin, Uncle Gothmog (no relation), Snaga-Zhor Bones, and Boldog the twenty second

The Grifta Tribe is the most tolerated group of Uruks & Orcs in Middle-Earth. Which makes them very suspicious to the rest of Sauron’s forces. They don’t know why the Dark Lord permits them to exist.

Outside of the gold, servants, and resources they bring back to Mordor.

The Grifta Tribe typically prefers to acquire land & treasure through the market. However if the humans, dwarves, and elves refuse to come trade. The Grifta tribe will most definitely invade.

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