Post-Truss United Kingdom: The Celtic independence wars

After the death of the Queen, and the fall of Truss. The British Pound getting pounded, and so much more. The United Kingdom was in disarray.

The Emirate of Greater London broke away from the United Kingdom. Emir Sadiq Khan took three additional wives after achieving control of London. The Emir immediately established relationships with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, and Russia.

The Emirate of Greater London also established an alliance with Ireland.

Northern Ireland was able to gain independence peacefully. After that a referendum was held to vote on whether or not to unify with Ireland. An overwhelming vote of 89% voted in favor of unification.

A brief war between Ireland, and the United Kingdom over the Isle of Man occurred after unification. Ireland steamrolled the British with a little help from the Irish American Volunteer Forces. This Irish victory would start a domino effect. The beginning of darkness for House Windsor.

The Scottish, Welsh, and Cornish would declare their intent to secede months later. With funding from Ireland, and the Emirate of Greater London they became a true threat.

The Scottish won their independence first. The Scottish National Party, Scottish Greens, Alba Party, and the Socialist Labour Party formed the new government. The SNP & Greens are trying to join the European Union. But the Alba-SLP coalition keep striking it down.

Scotland formed strong ties to the United States, Ireland, the Nordic countries, and Japan in the coming years.

The Welsh & Cornish independence fighters merged into one faction. The Celtic Federation Army’s goal is to push the English out completely. Dramatically reduce the usage of English over the next few decades. Except for a heavily Celtic influenced pidgin English.

Proper British English will not be taught in schools. It’ll only be given as an elective to university students. Celtic Christianity, and Celtic polytheism will be taught in schools. The Celtic Federation Army has reached out to Ireland, Brittany, and Scotland for support.

As well as trying to convince them to join up to form a Celtic Federation once they defeat the English. Ireland seems to be sympathetic to the idea but it’s received very mixed responses. Scotland rejected the idea completely. The French region of Brittany was fully in favor of this idea.

Areas with Celtic heritage in Spain & Portugal expressed some interest. As did the Faroe Islands, and Cumbria. This enticed Ireland a little bit. The federation will operate like Articles of Confederation era United States.

The Celtic Federation did break free. The Kingdom of England became a modernized feudal monarchy with Prince Harry as it’s new King. The Kingdom of England became the financial playground of wealthy Americans that wanted to play Lord & Lady.

The English are expected to live up to every single stereotype in order to keep the Americans entertained.

Celtic Federation movements are growing in Portugal, Northern Spain, and Brittany. The Faroe Islands, and Cumbria are currently in the process of joining the federation.

Nigel Farage, and Boris Johnson have started a militaristic group called the “British Union Army” in order to bring the UK back.

They’re currently attacking the Emirate of Greater London, and parts of Scotland. King Harry has denied accusations of connections to the movement. Even though the Kingdom remains completely untouched, and the headquarters is in the Kingdom.

They’re also permitted to demonstrate freely in the Kingdom.


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