Project 2036

100% control over the NY GOP & CPUSA. New York is the heart of the donkey. Achieving influence here would create a significant amount of momentum.

Joining, and doing the long march to power is going to change things. In a state like New York, the big issue that’ll attract people is government funding. This is a high tax, and high cost of living state.

  • Change the means in which the government is funded

Taxes on remittances that fund infrastructure, education, and many other things in the United States. That’s billions of dollars leaving the United States of America every year. Something that should be cashed in on by the American people.

Taxes on imports & exports. The Hamiltonian & Mercantilist model.

Another option would be Henry George’s land value tax. But it should be applied to physical & digital land. The rise of cryptocurrency, and the metaverse could easily create tax revenue.

The sales tax, and income tax must be abolished. These are anti-working class financial policies. A real radical would advocate for this.

Vice taxation is another means of funding. Alcohol, tobacco, weed, and sports betting can also help reduce the tax burden of the citizen.

10% of Capital Gains over $50k go towards funding the state.

The goal should be to make the tax burden on individual people insignificant. Liberate them from this burden. So, they can live their true will. Start families, create artwork, and so on.

This is a very basic idea that could create a grassroots movement that conquers both parties. Blue State GOP’s are desperate for fresh blood. The CPUSA is run by small dick democrats that love the Democrats. It’d be so easy for real economic populists to take it over.

  • High speed rail system that makes travel fast & affordable

This is a great infrastructure project that’d create jobs, and help family businesses.

  • Nuclear power

Nuclear > the inconsistent green shit being promoted

  • Universal Supplemental Income

$600 a month for every American adult

  • Gold & Silver backed US dollar

Because no one wants a currency backed by rainbows & farts. We want a currency with consistent value. No more money printer.

  • Bunkers

Enver Hoxha!

  • Make new friends

Deal with Central Asian, Southeastern European, and East African countries directly. Let US states have a degree of autonomy in terms of which countries they deal with.

The states are very different from each other, and they have different needs.

  • Start the discussion to reevaluate the attitudes towards Iran, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, Venezuela, and so many others

This one can’t be done until about 70% of the agenda has been completed, and control has been achieved. Until then you can only be moderate on this topic. Except for Venezuela that one is acceptable to go balls to the wall on.

Only PragerU types are going to take issue with being pro-Venezuela.


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