Backyard Wrestling Alliance: “Old Man” Miles Mctavish versus Greg Gagne

On November 5th 1985, The AWA World Heavyweight Championship would be defended in a modified barn in the Louisville area. A man that once wrestled for Jerry Jarrett’s CWA, and Poffo’s ICW stole the AWA championship.

“Old Man” Miles Mctavish is a six feet, and ten inches tall. He weighs roughly two hundred, and ninety-five pounds. He’s been wrestling since the 1950s as an enhancement talent also known as a jobber.

It wasn’t until he moved to Louisville, Kentucky that he received some success. Where he was the CWA tag team champion for fourteen days. Defending the belts by himself at least four times before losing to the Midnight Express.

After that he left the CWA to work for Angelo Poffo. Where he was undefeated for four weeks before getting beaten by Lanny Poffo. Now he runs shows in his barn arena on his farm.

Rick Martel was drunk, and left it at the table at the bar. Mctavish left with the championship while he was taking a piss. Miles Mctavish has been defending it against anyone. Homeless men, drunks, former High School football stars, jobbers, and clowns.

Greg Gagne answered his open challenge, and fought “Old Man” Miles Mctavish for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

“Another one enters the ring to get beaten by Mctavish who steals women like a savage” – Jimmy Hart

The contest would last a whole fifteen minutes, and felt like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Greg Gagne hit Mctavish’s radishes when the referee was down. He left the ring, and grabbed the AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Jimmy Hart tried to stop him from leaving with the championship. But he would experience the same fate as Mctavish. Who’s on the floor holding his radishes.

Greg Gagne was crowned interim AWA champion by his Father Verne Gagne. He held it for 33 days.


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