Thoroughly unimpressed with Pharmaheretic

I came across this while reading through Keith Preston’s website. This author attempts to tie the transgender movement to social conservatism. I was hoping for something a little more unique. There’s a objectively more intriguing way of looking at this.

But we’re getting the same old stuff.

“Now compare this to the ideology of contemporary transgenderism, or more precisely how it works in real life. For starters, everyone else is supposed to just shut up and accept any new brain-fart emanating from the vocal and self-anointed leaders of that movement. Anybody who does not do so immediately is labelled as a fascist, denier or heretic. And don’t forget that they want to be seen as “extra-special” people with a special and unique connection to something nobody else can understand. Accepting this ideology by self-mutilation of genitals and secondary sexual characteristics is supposed to somehow provide you with a magic cure for all your mental issues and help you get into the inner circle. Now is it just me, or does this sound a lot like the reactionary bullshit usually seen in religions and cults?” -PH

The left definitely doesn’t exhibit hive-minded cult like tendencies. Totalitarianism & authoritarianism are tendencies. They’re not unique to one side. Progressives have been the totalitarian humanists as of late. It certainly hasn’t been conservatives for some time.

The WEF aligned Western academia espouses the faith of Trotsky, Marcuse, and Adorno. Carefully curated ideas meant to serve the needs of New York City, London, and Berlin. Traditional communal values are a threat to the mission.

“But it gets worse. Have you noticed that all those who change their gender (especially from male to female) go for a hyper-feminine look, dress and behavior? But why? Why do these “brave” and “independent” people crave exaggerated feminine or masculine looks, dress and mannerisms?” -PH

Alright, this is where I can show a more interesting way of describing this. This phenomenon is present in transgenders, dyke/studs, and femboys. When you reject masculinity on a metaphysical level. In the way that these individuals do.

You become hyper-feminine. Same goes for an individual that rejects femininity. There is a duality. A balance to our nature.

The question is why would a person that rejects masculinity to a significant degree. Still retain masculine aspects to who they are?

Another interesting thing is that some men who worshipped Inanna would embrace femininity. In a way that’s not that different from femboys, and trans women. So in a way, it’s returning to tradition.

Mesopotamian tradition.


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