Red Cabbage Greens: A hypothetical Green Party faction

There is a long-standing tradition of environmental stewardship on the Right. Something that has been unfortunately neglected for probably a century. But it still exists among the common people.

Hunters, farmers, lumberjacks, and fishermen. These folks genuinely care for the land. Yes, there’s bad apples. But they definitely hate them more than you do. Because they’re already under fire for their way of life. Because it’s perceived as backwards by many.

People that are careless with animals, and land make them look bad.

Conservative environmentalism differs from progressive environmentalism in that it’s less bureaucratic. The conservative or traditional approach is probably the best way to get people to care.

I hate to break it to you but PETA & Beyond Meat will never succeed. Americans are a carnivore culture. But that doesn’t mean Americans hate animals.

Pastoralist cultures around the world are solid stewards of the environment. America was built on hunting & cattle ranching. Extinction Rebellion, Last Generation, and groups like them are silly European nonsense. We’re Americans, and we have our own way of life.

This faction would need to promote the rights of farmers, hunters, lumberjacks, and fishermen.

In order to keep corporations accountable. We should establish a three strike rule for corporations. Local environmental & economic damages could lead to a corporation losing the right to do business.

This hypothetical faction should be influenced by these people.

  • Henry George
  • G.K. Chesterton
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Sergey Nazarov
  • Vitalik Butlerin
  • Frank Chodorov
  • Otto Von Bismarck
  • François Quesnay
  • Jean-Baptiste Colbert
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Otto Von Bismarck
  • Gavin Wood

Minimizing the tax burden on individuals is essential. Especially in historically blue states. In Project 2036, I gave several suggestions that can help everyone. I’ve provided the link to it below. ⬇️

This’ll go into deeper detail on some of the things a fresh political movement should promote.

Save the environment & the wallets of the people.

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