The NWA needs to be a Global Force in professional wrestling

At the moment, the National Wrestling “Alliance” is just a niche internet wrestling show. It’s not living up to the legacy that it built. Admittedly the NWA hasn’t really been able to since the 1990s. But Billy Corgan has the connections to change that. So why isn’t he? Here’s some stuff that could be done.

Corgan needs to become an owner or co-owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling. This promotion has an excellent track record as a developmental territory. It was associated with WWE, and Impact Wrestling.

OVW & NWA present the same style of wrestling. It just makes sense. He should also do this with Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling. Having a couple territories would be best for business.

In order to be a Global Force in wrestling. The NWA will need cross-promotional partnerships. Jeff Jarrett had the right idea after leaving Impact Wrestling. But it was executed poorly.

Promotions to partner with:

  • All Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Stardom
  • Sendai Girls
  • Dragon Gate
  • TJPW
  • CMLL
  • IWRG
  • WWC
  • Border City Wrestling
  • Smash Wrestling
  • WXW
  • NECW
  • Major League Wrestling
  • IWA Mid South
  • XPW
  • IWA Puerto Rico
  • Crash Lucha
  • Texas Style Wrestling
  • Reality of Wrestling
  • Ring Of Honor
  • Progress Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH
  • Shimmer
  • Shine

Corgan is the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins. Which means he’s developed connections within the music, and entertainment industry in general. He knows people.

He could do a wrestling & music festival. That feature groups like Slipknot, City Morgue, Motionless in White, My Chemical Romance, SuicideBoys, Korn, and more. It’d reintroduce wrestling to people that left it behind.

It’d also be the first introduction for some.

Also pay Jim Cornette whatever you need to for him to be willing to work for you again. All he has to do is discuss the NWA on his programs. As well as appear at the NWA anniversary show every year.

The National Wrestling Alliance video game would be interesting. Because you’d legally be able to use so many names that were big in WWF & WCW. With the partnerships with other promotions. You could also feature their wrestlers in the game.

So many people wrestled for the National Wrestling Alliance. That you’d have the biggest roster in wrestling game history.

ESPN covering the Crockett Cup would also bring people in. Plenty of older former fans of the NWA watch ESPN. Nostalgia is a powerful tool in business.

With the right moves, It’d become a household name again.


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